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Jake Foushee Has An Agent

Ellen - Jake Foushee - Male Voice Talent - Marc ScottHere’s a question for you. You don’t necessarily need to answer. Just something to ponder.

How did anyone get discovered before the Internet?

I first started in voiceover at the same time I started in radio. It was in late 1995. Back then, if I wanted to record a voiceover I had to into a studio. I got recorded on a reel-to-reel tape. In order to book work as a Voice Talent, I had to try and find work using the connections I was building in the industry. Continue reading Jake Foushee Has An Agent

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I’m A Male Voice Talent

Male Voice Talent - Marc Scott - Male Voice OverWay back in 1995 I started in radio. That lead me to television. That lead me to the music industry. That lead me back to radio. There was a brief stint in there where I worked in patient transfer, but eventually I got back into radio again. It would seem I couldn’t escape it. Continue reading I’m A Male Voice Talent