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How To Make Soft Pretzels

How To Make Soft Pretzels - Male Voice Talent - Marc ScottThis is a voiceover blog. I blog things related to voiceover and being a Male Voice Talent. I blog things that are relevant to my clients and potential clients. I blog things that are relevant to other Voice Talents.

Today I’m going to blog about pretzels.

Hey, it’s the weekend. Who wouldn’t love some pretzels for the weekend?! Continue reading How To Make Soft Pretzels

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I’m Good Enough

One of the challenges of being a Male Voice Talent is daily facing rejection.

If you’re a Voice Talent yourself, you know how it works. If you’re a Voice Seeker, maybe you understand. Maybe you don’t. The reality is that rejection is part of the job.

I have to accept, going in, that I’m not going to book every job I audition for. That doesn’t mean I go in with a negative attitude. Certainly I don’t. I’m selective about the jobs I audition for, and only go for the ones I genuinely believe I have a shot at. But I know that I’m still not going to book each job I try for. Continue reading I’m Good Enough

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I’m A Male Voice Talent

Male Voice Talent - Marc Scott - Male Voice OverWay back in 1995 I started in radio. That lead me to television. That lead me to the music industry. That lead me back to radio. There was a brief stint in there where I worked in patient transfer, but eventually I got back into radio again. It would seem I couldn’t escape it. Continue reading I’m A Male Voice Talent

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Voiceover Rates

Voiceover Rates - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentWhen I developed my web site for my voiceover business a hundred years ago I did a lot of research first. I Googled “Male Voice Talent”, “Voiceover”, “Professional Voiceover” and about a dozen other search strings. Then I started surfing. I spent time going through every single site that came up in the first couple pages of results. Continue reading Voiceover Rates