101 Ways to Find Voice Over Leads Master Class

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You want to grow your voice over business. You know you need to market. The problem is, you don’t know who to market to or where to find the leads.

Let’s solve that problem!

In this Master Class I’m going to share 101 ways to find leads (actually… it ended up being 122 ways). Bring your pen and paper, because you are going to be entirely inspired from this session. From online to in-person, from social media to strategic Google searches and all points in between and beyond, including plenty of ideas I know you’ve never even thought of… I know you’re going to have a ton of new ideas to inspire your creativity when it comes to finding new voice over leads.

12 reviews for 101 Ways to Find Voice Over Leads Master Class

  1. Wendy Lands

    101 Ways to Find Voice Over Leads Master Class was jam-packed with brilliant ideas. I really appreciate Marc sharing as many as he did and I also appreciate how his brain works… he has a one-track mind, this is his THING and he knows it inside and out.

    Can’t wait to delve into my notes.

  2. Heather Dzielinski (verified owner)

    No excuses now! I am ready to dive in!
    Thank you Marc!

  3. Claire Dinsdale

    This class is the very definition of practical, actionable advice and showed up in my life at precisely the right time❣
    Having put in the time to work on the performance aspect of VO, create some solid demos with some of the industry best, nail down my branding and gain a solid understanding of the business, I am now ready to confidently put myself out there in the world and taking Marc’s class last night gave me clarity around where to get started. Take his email class, and he’ll give you the “how” to go along with it.
    Thanks, Marc. This was a true gift and I say gift because the return on investment on this class for those who take action will be exponential💝

  4. Jason Leech (verified owner)

    This class was perfect, enlightening and engaging and I absolutely picked up some things I didn’t think of. Can’t wait to send more emails!!
    Thanks Marc!

  5. Charlie albers (verified owner)

    This class was SO good.

    And to get the video is awesome because there’s just SO much to take in.

    I was totally blown away by how MUCH information Marc gave and the value of what he offers. I highly recommend this course. 5 ***** or more for sure.

    Thank you Marc 🙂

  6. Richard Crossman (verified owner)

    This was an amazing webinar and I have already begun compiling lists of potential clients to email.

  7. Woody Yates

    I’m the worst at marketing, but when I get a push, I can usually follow that lead. Wonderful webinar. I got 101+ ways to find VO leads. Thanks Marc!

  8. Tracy Tenney

    I found this webinar to be sooo helpful. We actually ended up with around 120 (!) suggestions. It was a bit overwhelming but it helps to know that you can access the webinar whenever you need to refresh your memory!

  9. Woody Scott

    The webinar boggles the mind with suggestions that could last a lifetime!! Can’t wait to check out the suggestions and see what pops up. Worth the investment and Marc provided so much energy behind the presentation! My pen kept moving!! Thanks!!

  10. Rosanna Pilcher (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic, quick deep-dive into HOW to go about finding leads. Excellently concise and loads of ideas shared. Thanks so much!

  11. Will Vincent (verified owner)

    Great list of ideas to utilize for lead generation, gets the creative juices flowing to generate even more sources that aren’t on the list.

  12. April Watts (verified owner)

    If you listen to the VOPreneur Podcast then you already know Marc is the real deal! First, he has such an engaging and entertaining way of delivering his content that you literally hang on to every word. Second, he is giving you the roadmap for success.

    If you are having any difficulties with marketing, this class is a must! I was in a bit of a creative slump and this Master Class was just the prescription medicine I needed to get over it and get moving. My wheels started turning immediately and the ideas started flowing.

    Marc has such a positive outlook and it’s infectious, take the class already, I promise it’s MORE than worth it.

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