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Need help trying to figure out how to set up Nimble and use it for managing your voice over database? In this course, you’ll get a complete tutorial on how I set up and use Nimble daily in my workflow.

Learn about:

  • Tagging
  • Data Fields
  • Deals
  • Important Contacts
  • Group Messaging
  • Stay in Touch Cycle
  • Tasks


40 reviews for Nimble For Voice Over

  1. Rob Marley (verified owner)

    I had been using Nimble for several months when Marc put together this training course. I figured I knew pretty much what there was to know about the software, but I purchased the course anyway. I discovered a whole different level of data management I wasn’t even considering. As a result, I’ve been able to make contact with several new and potential clients just by paying attention to the details in this course.

    Its a HUGE time-saver!

    Thanks Marc!

  2. Alan (verified owner)

    Simply put: this tutorial is fantastic. Marc easily breaks down Nimble and underlines all the benefits built into the service. Since using Nimble my lead to client conversion rate has skyrocketed and all due to the ease this CRM offers in managing a potential client’s profile. Nimble offers everything you need to organize and cultivate your relationship with a client-especially their online presence-with a few clicks of a button. In this tutorial, Marc helped me unlock Nimble’s full potential and it has been a game changer in my career. Thanks Marc!

  3. Kelley (verified owner)

    I had been using Nimble for over a year, but knew that I wasn’t maximizing it’s full potential. After watching Marc’s tutorial, I’m able to do so much more within NImble in a lot less time. He is very engaging and communicates in a way that is easy to follow. It’s a great course and I highly recommend it. I learned a ton and am now more excited to work on marketing!

  4. Pat Palmerston (verified owner)

    As a relatively new voice over Actor. The shear amount self managing and self marketing needed to create a solid and growing client base is overwhelming to say the least. Marc’s detailed use of Nimble has virtually made the seemingly impossible possible. After taking the time to really wrap my head around all the benifits and features nimble offers, I feel confident moving forward I won’t loose any opportunities. This is a absolute must for anyone seriously thinking about taking on the great adventure of professional voice acting. Marc is one of the few coaches who gives it to you straight and holds nothing back. Thanks Marc!

  5. Matt Rawlings (verified owner)

    I tried Nimble over a year ago but got very frustrated with all the features. I felt it was the right program for what I needed to do, but just too over my head. After watching Marc’s video over 2 weeks ago, I’m up and running making my follow-ups and tracking new lead’s. Marc broke it down into basic voice talent information that I could understand. Every time I look back at my notes, I see another golden nugget left by Marc.

  6. Ben McAuley (verified owner)

    A really useful introduction to Nimble. Helped to get me started on the right track and has made me confident to start exploring the software further. Looks like it could be a great addition to the voiceover tool kit. Thoughtfully explained with Marc’s excellent style of delivery. 5 stars from me, thanks Marc!

  7. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Its great, i am latin spanish voice over, but the systems its really good for our work, and make the task with the best quality on time.

    Thank you very much!!

  8. Lynn (verified owner)

    This course was awesome!! I feel like I’ll be able to set up my business in a way that lets me immediately be efficient and successful. And you make it look and sound so easy that now I am a fan of Nimble and I haven’t even finished signing up yet!

    Thanks Marc!!

  9. Krysta (verified owner)

    This course was EXACTLY what I needed to better navigate Nimble! Marc, you were right…the power of this CRM is indescribable! It’s saved me so much time and effort! I get reminders in my email inbox PLUS when I sign into Nimble. No more wondering who I need to reach out to, or who I contacted. Your tutorial gave me the step-by-step I needed to utilize this powerful tool. Thank you for helping me to work SMARTER with my time!

  10. Tim (verified owner)

    This course is certainly an accelerated method to getting Nimble up and running – working for your business. Nimble has it’s own tutorials, but this is rocket fuel to get you doing the things you need to do with a CRM.

    Marc has a lot of information crammed into this video series, and you will want to watch it more than once to catch everything.

    PS. I would love to see an addition on Segments and Reports!

    • Marc Scott

      Great idea, Tim. I definitely will look into making a new video showing off some of the segmentation capabilities.

  11. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Thank you very Much Marc . I am Spanish Voice Over and the past month just using Nimble.
    I booked a lot of work and my earnings was $2500. My earn always is $1200 or less.
    I am so grateful to you and Nimble.

    Thank You Marc

  12. Racquelle (verified owner)

    Thank you, Marc, for the Nimble training video. Your video gave me a jump start on the Nimble learning curve, which enabled me to make the most of the trial period. Thanks for the recommendation. Nimble is a great product and the customer support is top notch!

  13. Joe Messina (verified owner)

    I’ve never been a fan of using CRMs before and have done everything I could to avoid them, but with Marc’s course I have a new found appreciation for them. Nimble is really intuitive and solves most of the issues I had with CRMs in the past and this lesson takes you step-by-step in setting your DB up and getting it running in very little time.

  14. Theresa Dodge (verified owner)

    Loved your Nimble course and how to make it work for voiceover. Definitely a step in the right direction for anyone who wants to go forward with staying organized and on top of their business.

    Using your name for the 45-day trial was perfect – enough time to work around Nimble and get comfortable. But, the best part – if I have a question…I know you would be there to help answer it. Thanks so much!

  15. Mike Durocher (verified owner)

    Thanks for the Nimble training! I especially enjoyed how easy it is to add several social media profiles to contacts and communicate with them directly through nimble so I don’t have to log into everything separately! Your use of tags has sped up my segmenting, and every minute I can save is invaluable.

  16. David Medford (verified owner)

    Marc’s tutorial on Nimble is a home run. Utilizing his methodology is like having a license to print money. If you wanna get serious about you VO business, get Marc’s course on Nimble!

  17. Cara (verified owner)

    I’m using another CRM for VO right now. I’ve been curious about Nimble, but it seemed daunting and just “too much”.

    Marc’s class saved me hours of poking around and trying things, and time is money! He gets right to the heart of the most important functions for an artist and has you up and running in no time. Reminders are very easy, and this is probably the most important part of your marketing. I can see that this will pay me back in spades. Super grateful for this course!

  18. Kevin Liberty (verified owner)

    After Marc’s introductory discussion of Nimble in the Playbook, I was intrigued to try out Nimble. Having signed up for the free trial, and using Marc Scott’s Nimble For Voice Over to set it up, I am confident and ready to turn my leads into prospects, and prospects into clients!

    Within 1 hour, I was setup with email templates, contacts imported, and I’ve already begun updating profiles and contacting people to network! Thanks so much!

  19. Marian Erikson (verified owner)

    Marc’s class is a HUGE time-saver! I was initially overwhelmed when I started my Nimble trial, and probably would have given up. This class simplified it, and explained how exactly to use Nimble for my voiceover business. I love it!

  20. Cat Lookabaugh (verified owner)

    Definitely a useful tool, collecting several features, tips, and tutorials in one place to get up and running. Rather than watching a bunch of videos, there’s just this course. Marc’s real-life examples make it super easy to relate to and translate to my own world and goals.

    I will say this whole relationship marketing thing is quite the rabbit hole! I was just trying to flesh out some existing contacts and ended up adding 7 new leads!! Too bad, right?

  21. Michael Baer (verified owner)

    If you’ve signed on to the 45-day trial, do not waste any of those precious days trying to get to the bottom of this software pile. Nimble is not, after all, particularly intuitive at first glance.

    Marc’s course cuts to the chase and will have you up and running in short order. I wish I had taken my own advice back then in those heady days when 45 days seemed an eternity. Alas. But, you can learn from my mistake!

  22. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’m very thankful for this tutorial! Nimble already seems very overwhelming to me, and to have Marc walk me through, step by step, all the features Nimble offers is great. What is even better is that he shares his customization so that it works best for voice actors. I will continue to experiment with Nimble (and I appreciate the 45-day free trial, compliments of Marc), and it was so helpful to work through it as I watched Marc’s video tutorials.

  23. Bryson Carr (verified owner)

    I was in no way surprised at how solid this tutorial was. Just like all of Marc’s other courses, it had everything I needed plus many things I never would have known to do to streamline my process and save countless hours. Well worth the investment. Do yourself a favor and get it.

  24. tjthomasvo (verified owner)

    You can really be up and running using just this information. Taking advantage of the 45 day trial is really helpful since you get to really use it before committing to it. I’m currently on day 6 of the trial and what I learned is this tutorial has already paid for itself.

  25. Suzanne Wynn (verified owner)

    Marc’s one of those guys I follow on social media but I probably don’t pay him enough attention. He is SUCH a GIVER in this industry. ?

    I tried Nimble years ago but as with the rest of the CRMs I’ve tried, I just got frustrated and didn’t really understand all the tracking and other features. So I quit. (Because THAT was SUPER Helpful… ???) Wish I’d just gotten Marc’s course then! No telling how well I’d be doing by now!

    Marc breaks it down into simple to follow instructions, gives his suggestions and shares how HE does it. But I think my fave part is how quickly he gets to the point. Us ex-radio people get to the point in less than 30 seconds. I don’t want fluff or filler…I just wanna know how to DO this. Marc does just that. The segments are short and sweet and exactly what you need to know.

    Just do it and start doing better business NOW! Thanks, Marc!

  26. Laura Keenan (verified owner)

    Marc’s Nimble course was easy to follow, in fact I listened to a segment, went to my nimble account and executed the learning. By the time the course was done I was all set up and had already emailed some leads. Without Marc’s lessons I would have fumbled around for days. I thought a CRM was just a glorified daytimer – totally wrong! It is a must have in order to be organized for success. Now my excel spreadsheets are in nimble. I never would have been able to follow up and keep in touch to convert my leads to clients with my growing number of spreadsheet pages. Marc is a user friendly teacher and the course was completely and utterly worth it!!

  27. Jenny Mac (verified owner)

    Brilliant course!
    I knew I needed a CRM. I’d heard Nimble was great for VO, so when I saw Marc’s course, I knew I had to take the plunge. Nimble’s vids are ok, but this course helped me tailor Nimble so specifically for VO. Amazing!
    Marc’s Nimble for Voiceover course is a must if you want to know how to maximise Nimble’s potential, so that you can take your marketing to the next level.
    Thank-you Marc!

  28. Randy M. (verified owner)

    I was in desperate need of organizing my database. I had a basic one but it was just a storage of addresses and emails. I was tracking contacts in notebooks, filing emails in Outlook folders to remember conversations. I knew I needed a better system. I did free trials of a few different CRMs. One of them was Nimble. While I wasn’t sure it would do what I needed it to do, I decided to take the plunge on Marc’s Nimble course anyway at the beginning of the free trail.

    Marc walks you through the set up very quickly and I was rebuilding my database in a very strong CRM right away. I was sending clients emails almost immediately. I was also tracking to see if the emails were opened, if prospects clicked demo links and setting follow up reminders all within days of starting the course. I also love how client websites and socials are at your fingertips in the CRM. It’s all right there in Nimble and can see why Marc is such a big fan of it. It was very helpful to not have to think a lot about the “how to” setup and get right to marketing to clients and prospects.

    I’d recommend Marc’s Nimble course to get things going quickly and get to your marketing.


  29. Sophie Dean

    I had been feeling overwhelmed about CRMs in general and this course made me feel at ease with using nimble. It’s so simple when you know how!

    Marc’s down to earth, no nonsense delivery makes everything easy to understand and implement. He even followed up to ask if I had any further questions, which I did and he replied in record time.

    Some of the videos are a bit outdated now as the layouts for some areas of Nimble have changed, but it’s still easy to work out where things have moved to.

  30. Jason S (verified owner)

    I started 2021 with Zoho One and it didn’t take long to get overwhelmed with all of the various aspects of it. I decided a few months ago to sign up for Nimble in hopes I could better manage it as a solution for my business (partly because I knew you offered the class so I knew I could get help if I needed it, lol) and was very pleased with it right out of the box, but I figured I was missing something. Yep, I signed up and your class really made a huge difference! The Nimble prospector itself is a game changer, but then you mentioned the new workflows in your email! I am still learning more about that but it is awesome so far.

    Thanks a million for all you do!

  31. Haeley Porter (verified owner)

    Overwhelmed. That’s how I felt when I signed up with Nimble.
    Empowered. That’s how I felt after using the guidance in Marc’s Nimble course.
    Well laid out, actionable steps, and voice over specific.

    Thanks, Marc for training me on setting up Nimble for my voice over business through this fantastic course!

  32. Tanga (verified owner)

    Marc’s Nimble training made a lengthy overwhelming process, straight forward and clear. I found Nimble to be a sprawling piece of software mainly because it is a CRM, designed for a wide range of professions. With the help of Marcs training vids I was able to streamline it for my Voice Over business in a quick, step by step process. Well worth your time in cash!

  33. Tom Conklin (verified owner)

    Marc’s Nimble Training course was amazing! After having completed the course, I’ve become very comfortable with using the program. His course is comprised of several very easy to follow tutorial videos that will steer you correctly. He shows you exactly how you should set things up for voice over step by step. It was exactly what I needed. I am very satisfied with the course and definitely recommend it!

  34. Keaton Talmadge (verified owner)

    When I finally made the essential leap to getting a CRM – I followed Marc’s advice and downloaded the Free Nimble Trial, put in a few clients the first week and then it sat there… and sat there… and expired… because I would open it and get overwhelmed by all the features. Then I saw that Marc had a Nimble training and couldn’t purchase it fast enough. I knew I just needed someone to break it down for what I as a professional VA needed. Done. Now I understand it and it’s transformed how I work. Thank you Marc!!

  35. J. Wood (verified owner)

    Great tutorial course and I really liked how you made it work for VO. I was already a fan of Trello and other Kanban systems for productivity and project management, and this models a lot of that, but it’s far more robust. If you’re on the fence about buying a course for some CRM software, go ahead and do it. The price is a bargain compared to the cost of the time you’ll spend trying to a) figure out how it works, and b) customize it for VO.

  36. james fowler

    Marc has an incredible way of getting to the heart of technical information, in a completely accessible manner. His material is always premium quality and this course is no exception.

  37. Brent Bollmeier (verified owner)

    As a newbie to CRM systems of any kind, Marc’s course made setting up and getting started an absolute breeze. Much easier than struggling to figure everything out for yourself.

    There are some interface changes in Nimble since this course was created, but nothing that isn’t easily overcome.

    HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!!

  38. Naomi McKell (verified owner)

    This course and the long trial with Nimble is such a great idea. I’m glad I have extra time to get situated so I can fully evaluate if this is right for me. The tutorial is great! And worth it so make Nimble work for us, as a vo professionals, right out of the gate.

  39. Michael Thomas (verified owner)

    I tried to navigate Nimble on my own, but failed spectacularly.

    After burning through my trial period with essentially nothing to show for it, I went ahead and bought Marc’s course.

    This thing is great! I blasted through all of the lessons and have been working in Nimble every day since then.

    I can’t recommend this enough for vo professionals who are struggling with getting their CRM set up and optimized.

  40. Josee Clift (verified owner)

    I cannot over emphasize how thorough and easy to follow Marc’s classes are! The Nimble class is a must for every new or advanced VO out there that doesn’t like or use a CRM. Nimble is easy to customize specifically for our type of Profession. Marc eliminates the clutter and gets down to the important nuts and bolts of what we as VO’s will actually need and use. This is my second class with Marc and He walks you through understanding and maximizing the program for you. It really is a must do class. So very worth it!!

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