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You’ve sent your introductory email. The lead has expressed an interest in working with you. Now they’re a prospect, only… you have no idea how to stay top-of-mind or what to say in your follow up efforts.

You’ve got clients you want to keep in touch with, but know they don’t care about your newsletter. How do you make sure they don’t forget about you?

How do you follow up with out being annoying???

Have you ever struggled with any of these? This Master Class is going to answer all of those questions!

Included in the course…

  • What follow up is and why it’s essential.
  • What should a follow up cycle look like?
  • What do I say so I don’t come across as annoying?
  • What kind of subjects and topics can I cover in follow up messages?
  • Actual strategies for email and social media

4 reviews for Follow Up Academy: Master Class

  1. Jeremiah Ovard (verified owner)

    Marc’s training always makes you feel dumb. But not the bad demeaning kind of dumb, the good kind where you’re whacking your forehead and saying “I should have already known this!”
    But it’s always worth it, because you probably don’t know, or don’t know how important it is, or at the very least need a kick in the pants to start implementing what “already” knew.
    The reason for that feeling? Marc makes it all so simple and straightforward that anyone can implement it. Even if you really are dumb, like I am.

  2. Colette Desjardins (verified owner)

    Marc Scott ‘s “Follow Up Academy” was truly an amazing platform that has given hope to voice actors the keys to success. Full of tips, the do and don’ts, the how to do this and that are easy to put into practice and common sense. I walked away feeling confident marketing myself. What is even better it was recorded so I can go back and watch again. Thanks Marc!!!

  3. Jane Beverley (verified owner)

    I have taken several courses from Marc Scott. They are all filled with good information and totally worth the money. All courses stay on your dashboard and you can re-listen, revisit, at any time. Follow Up is difficult (or is it?). Not as hard as we make it for ourselves. It also points out how easily you can make your social media posts a part of that follow-up, and how LinkedIn might play into this too. As Marc says: Just do the thing. And I left this webinar thinking –get out of your way and do it.

  4. Jennifer Clark

    Marc’s “Follow Up Academy” not only convinced me that success is in the follow up, but it gave me the confidence to actually do it. As with everything Marc does, this is a very actionable and practical master class for those of us who have been dragging our feet on following up.

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