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5 Tips For Getting More Out Of Twitter

When used properly, Twitter really can be a great tool for your voice over business. For finding leads, for marketing and for engaging with new and potential clients. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the social network.

Don’t Automate: The temptation to automate is strong. After all, if you automate you can save a lot of time. Program a bunch of tweets one time, and let them auto-post for all time. Problem is, it defeats the purpose of the SOCIAL network. That is… being social! Want to maximize Twitter, you’ve got to engage. Be present. Human. Live!

Initiate Conversation: Passive marketing is putting stuff out there and hoping people will come to you. Active marketing is going to them. In other words, don’t wait (or hope) for people to start conversations with you. Find some great leads or prospects and start conversations with them.

twitter-tipsGifs Are Fun: One of my favorite recent updates to Twitter is the ability to search for and add animated gifs to tweets. This can be a really great way to make some of your tweets standout, and it definitely increases engagement.

Quality, Not Quantity: People will tell you that he who has the most followers wins… and this is why so many people are tempted to pay for followers. Just to get their numbers up. This is a bad idea (and a waste of money!) Grow your follower count organically by sharing great content and connecting with the right people. 100 engaged followers is better than 1,000 random followers.

Limit Your Links: One of the things that made Twitter great in the early days was people actually just tweeted real life. Then one day, it’s almost like Twitter became nothing more than an ad network and every tweet was just a link to an article, a blog, a store or something else. It exhausts people. Want to standout and get more engagement, make sure every tweet isn’t a link to something else. Be real.

Social networks are designed to be social. My best Twitter success stories all start at that level. Engaging with people. Developing relationships with people. Being personable.

Just be you! 🙂

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How To Use Your Marketing Tools

A frustrated voice talent comes seeking advice.

“I’ve got a great demo. I’ve got a website. I post on Twitter. Why am I not booking more voice over work? What am I doing wrong?”

“Tell me about your marketing efforts,” I reply.

“Well, I have a great demo. I’ve got a website. I post on Twitter.”

“Ok, I understand that, but what about your marketing efforts? Tell me about your marketing efforts. What are you doing with that great demo and website and Twitter account?”

“I don’t have time for more marketing,” is their frustrated response. The conversation ends.

Don’t Have Time For Marketing

There’s only one logical reason why a voice talent should have no time for marketing. That’s because they’re so busy in the studio all day everyday with paid voice over gigs that there’s no time left for anything else.

Even then, they should be finding a way to market!

2015-baseball-cardsHot streaks happen. Dry spells are practically inevitable. If you’re not continuing to market yourself during the hot streaks, the dry spells could very well last a lot longer!

To be clear, simply having a demo, a website and a Twitter account are no more marketing than having a collection of baseball cards is the equivalent of owning a Major League franchise.

Never Stop Marketing

When I started getting busy with regular voice over work walking through the door I was having a hard time keeping up with my daily marketing goals. I knew if I didn’t find a way to keep making new contacts eventually the work would dry up.

I don’t want work to dry up.

That’s when I hired a Virtual Assistant. I set my VA up with everything necessary to help me keep up with my marketing. They spend an hour a day, five days a week finding and reaching out to prospective clients. That way, even when I’m busy, there’s always new prospects flowing into my pipeline.

If you’re going to build a successful voice over business it will be built on the back of your marketing efforts. Click to Tweet

How You Use Your Tools

Your demo does you no good if people aren’t hearing it.

Your website does you no good if people aren’t visiting it.

Your Twitter does you no good if you’re not working it.

Effective marketing isn’t simply having these tools. It’s how you’re using them and making them work for you.

So… how’s your marketing?

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Voice Over Tip: Twitter Lists

Voice Over Tips

For Black Friday I picked up a fun new Sony HD camcorder. I plan on using it to record more of these voice over tips. Short, quick, simple and effective advice that will help you grow your voice over business.

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Using Hashtags To Generate Voice Over Leads

#Some #people #like #to #hashtag #every #word #on #Twitter.

Don’t be that guy. (or girl)

It’s ok to use fun and obnoxious hashtags from time to time. I did it last night.


But professionally speaking, proper use of hashtags on Twitter can generate a lot of potential leads for your #voiceover business.

Using Hashtags To Generate Voice Over Leads

What’s your niche? Commercials? eLearning? Audiobooks?

When you post a tweet specifically about your voice over services, hashtag it accordingly. You might be surprised what happens.

For example…


I tweet something like that a few times a week at different times of the day. The link directs to a special landing page I’ve created for my explainer video voice over work. Tweeting that link with that hashtag has generated leads for me. Leads that have turned into booked gigs.

Many people monitor hashtags that are relevant to their product, service or brand. When a tweet is posted using that hashtag, they’ll see it.

Find The Hashtag For Your Niche

TweetHashtagAll you’ve got to do is spend a little time searching Twitter to find hashtags that are relevant to your niche. If you do voice over work for eLearning, as an example, find the popular hashtags used for that niche, like #eLearning.

Not only can you use those hashtags in tweets, but you can monitor the hashtag yourself and maybe find some new prospects to reach out to.

Social media can and will work for you. It takes a little time, a little effort and a little strategy. But speaking from experience… it’s well worth it!