How Can I Help You?

Have you got a voice over dream? Do you hope to one day leave your day job behind to pursue voice over full-time? Have you got specific goals for the type of work you’d like to do? The clients you’d like to have? The income you’d like to earn?

I’ve experienced growth year over year in my voice over business. Let me help you do the same!





Marc was a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely recommend him to other voiceover talent. He shared with me a number of simple, proven strategies he uses every day and I’ve already begun putting them to work in my own business. If you’re looking for a coach with real, actionable solutions for your business and someone who truly cares about your success, look no further. – Mike Hales

What Do You Need?

Whether you’re looking for one on one coaching, on online course or a resource to help with your marketing, you’ll find it here.

Everything on this site has been designed with purpose. These are the tools, resources and information I’m using in my daily to grow my own voice over business.

Marc gave me some great advice on marketing my business. This no-nonsense, beat-the-street approach produces results. Marc’s encouragement was just what I needed to push my business to the next level and with his guidance I know I’m on the right path to success. – Rob Marley