Making Money with LinkedIn: Master Class

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I’ve updated this class for 2023, including info on many new features and changes that have happened with the LinkedIn platform.


LinkedIn has become my go-to social network and it’s been responsible for some of my most lucrative voice over clients. Let me teach you how to use this incredible free resource to grow your own business!

In this two hour Master Class you’ll learn how to…

  • Learn how to maximize and fully complete your LinkedIn profile.
  • Grow your network with qualified connections.
  • Build relationships with the people who are most likely going to hire you.
  • Learn how to use one of the most powerful search engines on the web.
  • Find countless quality leads FREE!
  • Learn how to improve your SSI score.
  • Use the jobs feature to find audition opportunities.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn advertising.

Everything taught in this course is done with the premise of using a FREE LinkedIn profile.

42 reviews for Making Money with LinkedIn: Master Class

  1. nothingbutvoice (verified owner)

    Marc’s LinkedIn course is a goldmine of information on building and polishing your LinkedIn profile so it’s clear, complete, relevant and searchable. LinkedIn has always left me a little in a fog, but after going through this course (and re-watching the video numerous times–like I said, there’s a LOT of information!) I definitely feel like I have the tools now to use it effectively to build my business.

  2. Kenny Dunkwu (verified owner)

    Marc’s Linkedin course, provided a clear, step by step process of practical hints, tips and strategies, in making my decision to use Linkedin more effectively to search, build, develop and cultivate clients an invaluable resource.

  3. Christopher Rene Rodriguez

    As someone who was vaguely aware of LinkedIn, I took this course because Marc had mentioned it previously. I wasn’t expecting a lot, having had other marketing classes just kind of gloss the over the idea behind using a particular form of social media as marketing. I was wrong. Marc took the time to breakdown how LinkedIn rates your profile and an effective basic strategy in order to more efficiently market yourself to prospective clients. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to learning more from Marc so I can build a more successful voice-over business!

  4. Jason Leikam (verified owner)

    I was always a member of Linkedin, but really, just so I could say that I was “on Linkedin” I never really used it for anything… until this course. After going through this training, I was able to understand how to be seen, how to interact and find work and it really has helped. Just yesterday I had somebody message me through Linkedin that I had known many years ago. He ran across my profile because of some activity that I was finally doing on Linkedin, telling me that he didn’t realize I did VO, and that he has started up his own sales training company and was tired of doing all of his own voicing and production because he knows he’s terrible at it. We will be talking about my involvement… all do to Linkedin, and more specifically this class. I will make light years more money because of this class than the class cost. GREAT ROI!

  5. mmway (verified owner)

    I needed another marketing tool for my VO business, and after following Marc’s outstanding advice for the past year on everything Voice Over, I realized I wasn’t utilizing this valuable resource. With Marc’s LinkedIn Master Class, he was able to condense invaluable information in a clear and concise plan. I am very “Non-Techy”, and his graphics and explanation of how to set up your profile correctly and starting your network was simple and easy to follow. I didn’t even realize I could keep my profile at a free membership! His tips and secrets were amazing!
    Plus, having the convenience of keeping this in your account for future reference is fantastic in case you missed anything! This is a must for anyone wanting to utilize your LinkedIn profile for all your VO marketing needs!

  6. Michelle Giacopuzzi (verified owner)

    I have been with LinkedIn for a few years but not until I took Marc’s LinkedIn Class was I able understand how LinkedIn can work for my VO business. His class is comprehensive, providing valuable tips on marketing through LinkedIn, with easy to follow instructions and explanations on how to set up you profile, how LinkedIn rates your profile, as well as many invaluable tips to build your network. Also, great to go back to the recording of the class in case you forgot something. Highly recommend Marc’s class!

  7. Eugenia Halsey (verified owner)

    Marc is a master at connecting with people. His LInkedIn course is packed with useful tips.

  8. Brigid Reale (verified owner)

    Going into this class, I was already using LinkedIn, but I knew I could use it even better. Marc did not disappoint. I have watched and rewatched this webinar slowly and methodically, tweaking my profile, and my activity one step at a time Marc’s teaches in a way that comprehensive and extremely well explained. The webinar is jam-packed with great tips I didn’t consider, all while being simple and sensible to apply. I am already seeing a difference. In one week, my profile views have increased 300%! That is massive! Thank you Marc!

  9. megmcclain84 (verified owner)

    I have said it once and I will say it again, Marc is the bees knees! This course it exactly what I needed to up my LinkedIn game. I took so many notes. The information inside this course is so valuable. He explains everythingin easy steps and it’s simple to do! If you want to grow your voiceover business, create nore opportunities, and make more money this year you must get in on this course! The time is NOW and I am ready to implement these tips and techniques to generate more business for my voiceover career. Thank you, Marc!

  10. Royal Jaye Joiner

    I thought I had it going on with the way my LinkedIn account was set up. I humbly admit that I was wrong. After this webinar I changed everything. Upon doing so, things started changing…..and that was the desired effect. This webinar is worth it. Marc is a great marketing mentor…..even for a Red Sox fan.

  11. J.D. Kaye (verified owner)

    This training is of immense value for anyone using LinkedIn to market themselves, their services, or their business.

    I was already a LinkedIn (LI) user when I decided to take Marc’s class. I had been receiving his LI emails pretty regularly and found them extremely useful, but I was truly surprised by the sheer amount of knowledge and information Marc was able to share about the platform… how to use it, how it will benefit my business, and how to improve on what I’d already put there. I had no idea LinkedIn was such a vast service, and Marc’s training was the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen on the subject.

  12. Frankie DiVita (verified owner)

    Marc’s LinkedIn Master Class was pure gold. So many helpful tips that I hadn’t thought of before. I will be reviewing the Master Class again to make sure I’ve left no stone unturned on my LinkedIn profile and use. Marc is insightful and has definitely done his homework to make sure he’s bringing you everything you need to succeed.

  13. joshua (verified owner)

    WHAT A FANTASTIC PRESENTATION! Marc is VERY insightful, and thorough in his presentation. LinkedIn used to creep me out but he’s made it very attainable, and really opened my eyes to ways to really make use of this platform to put bread on my table for my family. I’m truly grateful for having registered for this and for the opportunity to learn more about how to maximize my LinkedIn presence. And it’s only maximized even way further when it’s presented by an awesome coach – and that’s Marc. Thanks so much Mr. Scott! Excellent stuff, most excellent indeed…and very timely and helpful.

  14. Dana Rizzo (verified owner)

    Marc’s LinkedIn class was super helpful. I have taken LinkedIn classes before and had somewhat of a foundation, but having the information Marc provided that is specific to voiceover is helping me take the use of LinkedIn in my business to the next level. Thanks Marc for continuing to put together high end, useful, professionally done courses.

  15. Devon McPherson (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical there would be enough new information here, yet I did learn more about Linkedin and applied a lot of tweaks to my profile. I started reaching out more to companies and this course was thorough in explaining how to search for them. I’ve been making new connections and even got an audition this week from an audio production company. The only option I’d like to see added would be an explanation on follow ups and staying connected.

  16. Cara (verified owner)

    Marc “spills all the tea” on how to achieve the ever-important All-Star Ranking, but he’s also very generous in sharing practical tips on how to reach out, how to share relevant content that will get you noticed by the right people (not just other voice actors, who probably won’t be the ones who hire you), and how to gain an audience on this platform that is a little more formal than IG, FB or Twitter. My very first post got more engagement and comments than I’m used to, and my acceptance rate for invitations is instantly higher. Worth it, and then some!

  17. Tom Fellows (verified owner)

    This course is amazing. Within the first 2 minutes I had already begun scribbling down Marc’s tips and tricks and I didn’t really stop until the end of the course. Absolutely packed with valuable information and insights into LinkedIn and how to get the most from this vast online service. Applicable to any user but so brilliantly focussed on our needs as voice over artists. Thank Marc you, it was money very well spent!

  18. Chris Warner (verified owner)

    Marc –
    DAMN! 10 feet tall and bulletproof is the only way I can describe how I feel about my voice over career after devouring your LinkedIn coarse! That was a power-packed two hours of ridiculously-helpful content on how to effectively use the tools LinkedIn has to offer. Thanks again for knocking it outta the park, Marc! Go RedSox!

  19. Michael Kennedy (verified owner)

    Sweet as apple pie. Easy to follow along, take in, and soon to be applied real-time.

  20. Kevin Liberty (verified owner)

    I had thought I had a pretty good idea of how to market myself on LinkedIn, but after taking Marc’s LinkedIn Master Class, now I ACTUALLY KNOW how to use LinkedIn to improve my business. By the end of the course, I felt ready & empowered, with a clear, concise action plan.

    Thank you, Marc!

  21. Woody Scott (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to this twice…the first class and with the updates. It was good to see that I did achieve that All-Star ranking the first time around, but there are tweaks to be made and time to be spent. I really appreciated the graphics, which made listening/focus easier. Thank you for the time you’ve invested in creating this class. ******(at least 6 stars if not more)

  22. Kayla Jackson (verified owner)

    This course is like a diamond in the rough for navigating LinkedIn. It has changed the way I view and utilize the platform. Thanks for this golden nugget of wisdom, Marc! I’ll send a case of Dr. Pepper your way as gratitude. 🙂

  23. daronselvig (verified owner)

    I worked for several years as a video producer at a marketing firm before going full time with my voice over career. I can tell you first hand that the information Marc presents in this course is the real deal. Even though I had worked on the other side, I was searching for some clarity about how to use LinkedIn to market my services as a voice actor, and this course delivered that in spades.

  24. Laura Keenan (verified owner)

    One word, WOW! I received so much value from Marc Scotts Linked In Course! I basically didn’t know alot, but now, I already have an All Star rating. I am also at the stage of Voice Over where I have decided where to target my marketing and I now know exactly what to do to engage my prospects. Also, my collegues – adding value to their work days and helping them along the way too. Marketing is a tough nut to crack and Marc provided the guidance I needed to make my way to success. I am already finding leads and starting the conversations. This course is pivotal and an absolute must for anyone who really wants to succeed in this business.

  25. MARJORIE LENHART (verified owner)

    I had a rough idea of how to use Linked In but after finishing this course I now have the real information I need to plan out an effective strategy to make connections and ultimately get new clients. What I love about Marc’s teaching is that he is direct and clear and stays on topic. The information is solid and useful.
    My favorite part was the very end and the mention of “the food chain” 🙂

  26. Kari Loya (verified owner)

    Marc is systematic, results-oriented, and conversational while sharing invaluable information with others. I am always impressed with how many actionable ideas I get from all of Marc’s materials, including this LinkedIn course. Thanks, Marc, for making it easier for the rest of us!

  27. Joe Ricky (verified owner)

    This master class is well worth the money I paid. One of the things I like about Marc is that he’s clear and concise. This course is full of clear and concise information on how to use LinkedIn to my advantage. I already had an All-Star profile but found myself updating it as I was going through the class. Well done Marc!

  28. Deanna Johnston (verified owner)

    Marc’s ‘Making Money with LinkedIn’ was great! He provided clear communication and strategies to create momentum and business opportunities through LinkedIn. Highly recommend if you are looking to expand income streams for your VO business, or ANY business!

  29. Liz Moya (verified owner)

    Marc is truly there for others helping us navigate our VO businesses. His courses, like Making Money with LinkedIn: Master Class, are rich in ideas, suggestions, and support. I recommend any of his classes highly and know that his coaching is so valuable.

  30. Monique Danielle (verified owner)

    Marc has done it again with this fantastic LinkedIn Master Class. He doesn’t hold back and gives all his tips and tricks to ensure you can provide the MOST value for your clients. I’d done a webinar with Tracy Lindley’s on LinkedIn in the past and I still took diligent notes and learned a ton. Definitely recommend making this investment.

  31. Miranda Ellis

    This is a fantastic course!!! Marc covers everything you need to know about LinkedIn from putting together the All Star profile to connecting with leads and running ads. By the end of the course I was trying so hard to think of questions to ask, but he had covered it all! Would absolutely recommend!

  32. Amy (verified owner)

    Marc included tons of actionable items in his presentation. I loved the fast pace and the amount of information given.

  33. Theresa C. Ho (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Marc’s LinkedIn course. It’s extremely thorough – from teaching you from how to set up your profile properly to the best ways to reach out to potential clients. It’s also great that we have access to any future updates to his course. And above all, Marc is so helpful and truly wants to help his students succeed! This course is truly full of golden nuggets of information!

  34. Rashmi (verified owner)

    Marc’s class is a value-add to a VO talent! I do use LinkedIn as my only marketing platform, and so I’m familiar with it, but want to be more efficient and enhance my time spent on the platform. Some things were reinforced, others were new and yet others were revelations because of the constantly changing platform details, so I’m glad I took the class… now, I have to get to work on my To Do List!

    I recently started listening to Marc’s podcasts again after a little deviation, and I think Marc is one of the most genuine guys in the industry. He’s truly out there to help!

  35. Deb DeVries (verified owner)

    Marc ‘s “Making Money with LinkedIn” is a game changer. The content is thorough, clear, and insightful. The visuals support the content and Mark’s step-by-step approach enables you to easily apply the skills/techniques to maximize LinkedIn as a key component of your marketing strategy. Thanks so much for all your pro-tips!

  36. Dennis Pfeifer (verified owner)

    I admit that I was overwhelmed with the detail of the information in this course at first. There is so much there. I chose to listen and take notes first. Then I watched it a second time with my notes and along side my linkedin page. That was when everything clicked. This course more than worth the time and money. Thanks for all the detail and the tips. It was GREAT!

  37. Luis (verified owner)

    TONS of useful, actionable information. Marc gets through the nitty-gritty of Linked In, concisely and with one very important ingredient: clarity. I recommed this master class to anyone looking to up their game using this very powerful platform. Marc took my skills, which were nearly non-existent, and made them razor sharp again. Thanks Marc!

  38. Roxanne Coyne (verified owner)

    I had no idea how to use LinkedIn before taking this class. It was quite worthwhile. Marc was very well prepared. The presentation was packed with actionable information. Did you know you can actually post an AD for your services on LInkedIN? With a free account? Yes, you can. Marc can show you how.

  39. Daniel Sullivan (verified owner)

    This was my first course with Marc and I was (and still am!) super stoked to join the fam! I feel like anyone could learn something from this course regardless of your experience with Linkedin.
    It was especially helpful to see how Marc is using this in his own business, for real! As a VOpreneur newb this really helped me get a grasp on how things work not just on Linkedin, but with VO marketing in general… also worth noting that as someone with ADD I was amazed that Marc could hold my attention for a solid 2 hours! Bravo!!! 🤣👏

  40. Tony Jackson (verified owner)

    Marc’s knowledge of LinkedIn and his marketing acumen was not only eye-opening, but also incredibly motivating and insightful! I learned so much from this course and look forward to implementing the strategies discussed in this course. Thank you, Marc!

  41. Michelle Nodiff (verified owner)

    After attending one of Marc’s VO Marketing Basics sessions, I had extremely high expectations for this LinkedIn Masterclass. Well…he didn’t disappoint.

    The gems he shared show how he has immersed himself, not only in what constitutes a truly complete profile, but also how the right level of consistent engagement will yield positive results. What I’ve already learned about LinkedIn and VO has already paid off in my other corporate life, after just securing a new role.

    Thank you, Marc! I’ll be back for more!

  42. Eric Wibbelsmann (verified owner)

    Marc’s LinkedIn Master Class is a one-stop-shop for navigating the platform for VO. So much great info packed into this class. I thought I had things dialed in pretty well until Marc pulled back the curtain on so much that I was missing out on. Very highly recommended. Thanks, Marc!

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