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Voiceover Demo: May 2011

Here is a video that includes some of my most recent voiceover work. It includes everything from promotional videos to television commercials and includes work for clients ranging from Nikon to Roland to World Vision.

Do you need a voiceover? I can do videos, commercials, phone systems and likely about anything else you could use a voice on. You’ll find more samples of my work on this site and my YouTube channel.

If you’d like to discuss a voiceover for your next project I’d love to hear from you. Click here.

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Broadcast Myself

I’ve finally decided to set up a YouTube channel for myself.  On it you’ll be able to see even more samples of my work.  Right now you’ll find a number of videos that I’ve done for Roland USA and Nikon USA, just to name a few.  I’ll continue to add my work to it, offering you the opportunity to see the finished products and the diversity of the work I do.

Check out my channel at