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Is Your Voice Over Business Ready For The Holidays? [Video]

Nobody is going to make you put your Christmas Tree up yet. You don’t have to decorate or start baking or begin shopping. It’s too early for that, I think we can all agree.

However, if you haven’t started thinking about the holiday season from a voice over perspective, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to connect with clients and find new work.

You may not be ready for the holidays yet, and nobody is going to make you put up your #Christmas Tree. However, it’s…

Posted by Marc Scott Voice Over on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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How To Add An Intro Video To Your Facebook Business Page

Despite algorithm changes Facebook has made to Business Pages, driving traffic through the toilet… I press on.

Despite the fact that Facebook desperately tries to get me to “Boost” every single post I share… I press on.

Despite having organic reach on some of my posts at 0.07% (or less)… I press on.

Why? Well, frankly, because Facebook is too huge to ignore and in spite of all the struggles, it’s been a positive promotional tool for my voice over business.

If you’re one of those voice actors still plugging away at a Facebook Business Page, this post will share a little tip that might help catch the attention of some of your visitors and give you another opportunity to present a Call To Action.

Adding An Intro Video To Your Facebook Page

One of the features of the Facebook Business Page is the option to add a “Featured Video” which will display prominently towards the top of the left side column (see arrow below). One way to take advantage of this space and the featured video option is to create an Intro Video.


In my Intro Video I welcome people to the page and briefly explain how they can Follow and Get Notifications for my page. I quickly rundown some of the content I share and then also direct and invite potential clients to the Book Now button. The video is approximately :50 in length.

How To Feature A Video On Facebook

Once a video is finished uploading and processing on Facebook you have the option to edit the video. Check out the page capture below and take note of the red arrow. That’s where you have the option to feature a video.


Once you click the “Feature This Video” link it will display prominently on your page.

In addition, I recommend adding a custom thumbnail to your video. That prevents the possibility of a goofy face from a screenshot, and gives you more control over what appears when visitors access your page. For the custom thumbnail I used a 1280 x 720 jpeg.

Have any other Pro Tips for Facebook Pages we should know about? Share them in the comments below.

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