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Discovering Your Unique Value Proposition

The term “Unique Value Proposition” might sound fancy or confusing to some, but it’s an essential tool for effectively marketing your voice over business. It’s a statement that clearly outlines the benefit(s) you offer your client or potential clients. Something you’ve got to offer that other’s may not.

In this weeks tip, I share a few examples of UVP and how you can determine yours.

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A Tip For Voice Seekers

Seeking Auditions From Voice-over TalentOne of the features on Pay to Play sites allows Voice Seekers to select how many auditions they’d like to receive. If you’ve used these sites before then you’re aware of this. If you’re considering using a site like or to find a Voice Talent then it’s something you should be aware of. Continue reading A Tip For Voice Seekers

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Back In The Office

Peggy's Cove Nova ScotiaThat was a great vacation.

An epic road trip.

All told… nearly 6,000 kilometres. That’s about 3,800 miles for my American friends.

The adventure began at 6a on Sunday July 1st and it ended at about 2a on Sunday July 8th. Continue reading Back In The Office

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One Thing Before You Start That Audition…

Believe In YourselfIf you go into a voice-over audition thinking that you won’t get it, don’t worry. You won’t!

Walk into every audition believing the gig is yours.

Sure, you’re not going to book every one… or maybe you will. But I promise you this. Your odds of booking are a lot greater if you go in believing in yourself, your talent and your skills than if you go in believing in defeat. Continue reading One Thing Before You Start That Audition…