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Why Am I Not Receiving Quality Auditions For My Project – Part 2

How To Get Better Voiceover Auditions* This is the second post of a two part series for Voice Seekers on how to get better auditions for your projects. If you’d like to read Part 1 click here. *

Yesterday I shared five reasons why you’re not getting more auditions, or better quality auditions for your voice over project postings. Today I’ll build on that with five more tips.

In many cases, the difference between getting a few auditions or many good auditions is just a couple of simple, quick fixes.

5 More Reasons You’re Not Getting Auditions

1) Must Read Entire Script: This is always a red flag for me. I think it is for many voice talents, especially in the online realm. You may be the most honest person in the world, but not everyone is. Providing an audition of an entire script can be a good way for a talent to get burned. I will often skip over auditions that make this requirement just as a way to protect myself.

Tip: Don’t require a full script read. Or substitute names or other information. This will set the talent at ease, knowing their audition won’t be stolen.

2) Unrealistic Budget: “We need you to read a 4,000 word video. We’re on a tight budget. We’re looking for a talent to do this for $50.” Right there, you lost me. You also lost any quality voice talent as well. When it comes to budgets and rates, this is possibly the number one thing that will cost you quality auditions.

Tip: Be realistic about your budget. There are plenty of resources you can look to for rates (Voice123 and are two) If you’re really not sure, ask for quotes.

3) Unrealistic Timeline: “We need this 15,000 word audiobook delivered by tomorrow at 12pm EST.” I do my best to offer turnaround in 24 hours or less. Most of the time, this is possible. Sometimes, it’s simply not. A number of factors could effect this. The size of the project, the time it was received, the day of the week (not everyone works on Sunday, for example.) When I see a deadline I know I can never meet, I don’t even bother auditioning.

Tip: Be realistic about the delivery timeframe. If you have a tight deadline outline it clearly in the job notes, but make sure it’s actually possible for someone to meet.

4) No Pronunciation Guide: If I look over your audition script and it’s filled with words I don’t know how to say, such as your company name or product name, or maybe medical or technical terms, if there is no pronunciation guide, I’m skipping it. I’d rather not audition then make a fool of myself saying your company name wrong!

Tip: Providing pronunciation guides is a great way to make talent comfortable with your script. It will get you better quality auditions every single time!

5) No Script: I saw this on an audition the other day. It was a link to a video. The audition notes said, “here’s our video. We need to replace the voice. Please submit a custom audition of the first few lines of the video.” That’s it. No script was provided. In other words, talent auditioning were expected to transcribe the video in order to submit their custom demo. I’ll pass on this every time. So will most.

Tip: If you’d like a custom audition for your project, always provide a script. Even if it’s just a few lines.

Cover Your Bases

The more organized and detailed your project posting is, the easier it is for talent to submit great quality auditions of exactly what you’re looking for. If you leave details out or put little or no effort in, you shouldn’t be surprised when you receive no auditions or poor quality ones.

Take your time. Iron out the details. Be specific. Be thorough. If you do these things you’ll be well on your way to better quality voice overs and experiences working with talent.

QUESTION: As a Voice Talent, what turns you away from an audition?