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When Is The Best Time To Send An Email? (New Research)

A lot of different factors contribute to your success (or frustration) when it comes to email marketing. Your email has to be the right length. It needs to have the correct message. You’ve got to make sure it goes to the proper recipient. You’ve got to use a catchy subject line.

In addition to all those factors, you’ve also got to send your email at the right time!

HubSpot recently released the results of research they conducted over a ten month period. They analyzed 20 million sent emails. Yes, MILLION. With an “m.”

Based on their research, they recommend with confidence, that the absolute best time to send an email is Tuesday morning at 11am (local). Emails sent at this time received an open rate 20% higher than the average.

Now, obviously we need to be marketing for more than an hour a week. What their research showed backs up advice I’ve been giving (and practicing in my own business for years). Email marketing is best done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. HubSpot claims that 11am (local) remains the best time to send an email during most days of the week.

If you really want to maximize your email marketing, I’d strongly suggest scheduling your marketing time blocks between 10am and 12pm (local) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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