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A Pro Tip for Voicing Explainer Videos

Explainer Video work is an area I specialize in. I’ve literally voiced hundreds of them over the years. With each new project voiced, I learn a little bit more about how to really succeed in this genre that has some of it’s own quirks and nuances when it comes to delivering a great voice over.

A Pro Tip for Voicing Explainer Videos

Anticipate the visuals.

As you’re reading the script, try and anticipate the visuals. When you do this, it will help you to put pauses in the appropriate places. These pauses allow the animations to play-out on screen.

You’re telling a story, as the voice talent, but the visuals on screen are telling a story too. Give them time to do their magic!

If you’re putting pauses in the right places while you’re reading, it’s going to save the editor a ton of time from having to manually create spaces. It’s also going to maintain the integrity and natural flow of the voice over.

The better you get with your reads, the easier the editors life will be. The easier their life, the happier they are and the more likely they’ll keep booking you!

Remember what I always say; Happy clients are repeat clients!

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