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What J.D. Martinez Taught Me About Voice Over

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m a baseball fan. More specifically, a Red Sox fan. I’ve been to Fenway Park every year since 2013 and been a Sox fan much longer than that.

When they come to Detroit, I try to get there. When they come to Toronto, I try and get there. When the game is on, I try to watch or listen. I guess maybe that’s my hobby? Being a Red Sox fan, I mean.

In all the years I’ve watched Major League Baseball, all the way back to when Pat Borders posters decorated my walls as a kid, one thing I’ve never owned is a players jersey. Not once. T-shirts, yes. Hoodies, yes. Hats, of course. Even a few plain jerseys. Never a players jersey.

I’ve often said, and particularly in today’s age of baseball, why bother? Players are traded so frequently. Seldom will you see franchise players anymore. Say, like a Big Papi. About the time you drop the coin on that jersey, and baseball fans know they aren’t cheap, it becomes a relic of days gone by when your player signs with another team!

J.D. Martinez knocks a double off the Green Monster at Fenway – July 31, 2018

I’m a Martinez Fan; Not Specifically Because of Baseball

This week, while attending a game at Fenway, I broke my own rule.

I’m now the proud owner of a J.D. Martinez jersey. But perhaps not for the reasons you might think.

The numbers don’t like. He’s one of the top players in Major League Baseball this year. At the time of this writing, he leads the majors in home runs. He’s Top 5 or better in about half a dozen other batting categories. He was a 2018 All-Star.

None of that is why I picked up his jersey.

Back in June I heard a story about Martinez shared on a Red Sox broadcast. They talked about his work ethic when it comes to his hitting.

How To Succeed At Anything

When J.D. takes batting practice, there are three, yes, THREE iPads recording his swings. Every single one of his swings. After he’s done with B.P., he retreats to the clubhouse and reviews all the footage. He studies his swing, and makes adjustments necessary to be one of the premiere hitters in the league.

In his own words, “I always tell everybody that I’m not a natural hitter. I’m a trained hitter.” He continues, “I have to stay on top of it because my body will find a way to let 10 million swings I’ve taken when I was a kid slowly come back in. So, I have to grind away to get out of the bad habits.” *

That’s why I bought a J.D. Martinez jersey. That’s the kind of player, that’s the kind of person I want influencing me.

You aren’t going to become the best voice actor you can be by accident. #vopreneur
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Committed To Being The Best

I want to be so committed to my success that I do whatever it takes every single day, day in and day out, regardless of what level I reach in my career and business, to keep getting better. To keep developing new habits. Better habits. To keep old habits at bay.

I’m not a natural voice actor. I’m a trained voice actor.

I’m not a natural entrepreneur. I’m a trained entrepreneur.

Hearing that story, and watching J.D. Martinez with my own eyes both on television and in person, I knew if ever there was a players jersey I would proudly wear, it would be his.

When I was at Fenway Park on Tuesday, I bought one.

What Are You Going To Do About It

When did you last have a coach review some of your auditions?

When did you last review some of your auditions yourself?

When did you last have someone critique your website?

When did you last update your demos?

When did you last evaluate your marketing strategy?

When did you last measure progress on your goals?

J.D. Martinez isn’t one of the best hitters in Major League Baseball by accident. You won’t become the best voice actor your can be buy accident either,

Watch the tape. Check your habits. Stay accountable.

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