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I’m Good Enough

One of the challenges of being a Male Voice Talent is daily facing rejection.

If you’re a Voice Talent yourself, you know how it works. If you’re a Voice Seeker, maybe you understand. Maybe you don’t. The reality is that rejection is part of the job.

I have to accept, going in, that I’m not going to book every job I audition for. That doesn’t mean I go in with a negative attitude. Certainly I don’t. I’m selective about the jobs I audition for, and only go for the ones I genuinely believe I have a shot at. But I know that I’m still not going to book each job I try for.

There will be rejection.

I'm Good Enough - Male Voice Talent - Marc Scott

I remind myself daily that each job I don’t get is one audition closer to the next one I will.

I remind myself daily that even if I don’t get the job I’m still good enough.

I see a lot of Voice Talents that get defeated by the rejection. I see them posting on Twitter or Facebook or their blog about the auditions they’ve blown. About how they tried out but know they don’t stand a chance.

Be careful. Your attitude could become a self fulfilling prophesy.

Last week I auditioned for two jobs in particular that I really wanted. I ranked number one on booth of them. I didn’t end up with the booking. Do I give up? Throw a pity party? Or do I dust off and get ready to audition again tomorrow?

I know I’m good enough. Even if I don’t book every job.

Am I good enough for your next job? I think so. Email me your script. Let me send you an audition. Let’s find out!