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A List of Vetted Voice Over Demo Producers

Sticking with last weeks theme of surrounding yourself with a great team (The Importance of Having a Great Team), today I’m offering up another must bookmark list.

One thing that angers me more than anything else in our business is when talent get taken advantage of by unscrupulous demo producers. They pay thousands of dollars for a unmarketable voice over demo. Or for a demo that never should’ve been produced in the first place because, as a talent, they simply weren’t ready yet.

Below you’ll find a list of vetted professional demo producers. These are the best of the best in our industry. Producers who will make sure you’re ready before they ever accept cash or hit record. Producers who will not rest until you walk away with a top notch, fully marketable, ready to book demo.

A List of Vetted Voice Over Demo Producers

* Listed Alphabetically *

J Michael Collins
Commercial | Promo | Trailer | TV Narration | Imaging | E-Learning | Corporate/Industrial | Explainer | Medical | Telephony

Chuck Duran
Demos That Rock
Commercials | Promos | Trailers | TV Narration | Animation | Video Games | Live Announce | Radio Imaging
* English and Spanish *

Dan Friedman
Commercial | Narration

Anne Ganguzza
Commercial | Narration: Corporate, E-Learning | Medical | Telephony | Documentary

Global Voice Acting Academy
Commercial | Animation | Video Games

Tim Keenan
Creative Media Recording
Narration | eLearning | Documentary | Audiobook

Jordan Reynolds
Demos With Chops
Commercial | Narration | Promo | Video Game | Explainer

Eric Romanowski
Ear Blowing Audio
Radio Imaging| Commercial | Narration | Promo | Affiliate

Nancy Wolfson
Braintracks Audio
Commercial | Narration | Animation | Promo

“Uncle” Roy Yokelson
Antland Productions
Commercial | Narration | Promo | Telephony | TV Narration

Cliff Zellman
Amazing Demos
Commercial | Retail | Automotive

Need a new #voiceover demo? Here’s a list of vetted producers.
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Your Demo Needs To Be Amazing

Your demo is the most important tool in your voice over toolbox. It needs to be the best if you’re going to book work and succeed in this industry. Don’t be steered in the wrong direction or tempted by companies who are only in it for your money.

Talk to one of these professionals and get an honest assessment of your skill and ability.

NEVER produce a demo before you’re ready.

* To be added to this list, please email me directly ( and include at least five professional references for demos produced. *

DISCLAIMER: The names included on this list are producers I can personally vouch for either through direct knowledge or the word and reference of trusted advisors. It is not intended to exclude any particular producer or company.