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A List of Vetted Voice Over Editors

A couple days ago I wrote a post about the importance of having a great team if you want to grow your voiceover business. (The Importance of Having A Great Team) The response to that post inspired me to take things one step further.

One area that was repeatedly discussed at VO Atlanta was having editors to outsource long form narration to. If you’re working with great eLearning clients, the rates are good enough that you can afford to hire an editor so you can focus on what you do best… the voicing!

The question then becomes, who can you hire? Who can you trust?

I’ve reached out to industry colleagues I trust and respect, and here’s a list of some of the names that came up most frequently.

A List of Vetted Voice Over Editors

AJ McKay
Long Form Narration | Commercial | Promo | Imaging

Michelle Blenker
Commercial | Narration | eLearning

David Gilbert
Commercial | Narration | eLearning
* Canadian rates available upon request *

Jen Gosnell
Long Form Narration

Long Form Narration | Audiobooks | Commercial | Promo | Spanish | Gaming

Tina Maloney
Long Form Narration | Commercial | Audiobooks

John McClain (Dog and Pony Studios)
Long Form Narration | Audiobooks | Commercial | Promo | Imaging

Karen Souer
Long Form Narration | Audiobooks

Natalie Stanfield
Long Form Narration | Audiobooks | Commercial

Vox Cut
Long Form Narration | Audiobooks | Commercial

Check out this list of Vetted #VoiceOver Editors.
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* Note: Rates for this type of work generally vary from $25 to $60 USD per hour. Each individual editor has their own rate structure based on requirements. *

If you have a name you’d like to have added to the list, please reach out to me directly at

At this time I’m only looking for experienced and vetted editors who are able to provide references.