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The Importance of a First Impression

This afternoon I was out for a walk in my neighborhood. On my travels, I happened past a large work truck. It was very clearly labeled with the name of a business, a few of the services offered and, of course, website and other contact information. As you’d expect for a commercial vehicle.

This particular truck belonged to a contractor who offered home renovation services.

What caught my eye about this truck was not the contractors name or the contact information, but rather the overall condition of the vehicle.

The drivers side mirror was held together with duct tape.

The front grill of the vehicle was tied in place with a plastic grocery bag.

I’m sure if I’d bothered to take the time to look closer, I’d have found some other issues.

The Importance of a First Impression

Let me ask you a question… would you trust a contractor to fix your home, if he can’t even take care of his own truck?

Would you turn over $20,000 of your hard earned cash for a kitchen renovation to a fellow who repaired his truck mirror with duct tape?

Probably not!

He may very well be one of the best contractors around. Honestly, I have no idea. However, from the first impression I received… his work truck in a general state of disrepair, I likely wouldn’t even call him for a quote.

His truck is part of his brand and his brand says, “we’re broken and we don’t do quality fixes.”

Does your first impression say #voiceover professional? Or voice over amateur?
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What about you?

What about your business?

Your brand?

Your first impression?

When a client meets you, emails you, finds you online, is their first reaction going to be, “professional?”

Or will it be amateur?

You are the brand.

How you’re represented online, through your marketing, in your appearance, are all extensions of that brand.

Are you making the best impression you can?