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Get Your Voice Over Business Facebook Page Seen

Get Your Voice Over Business Facebook Page SeenYou see, Facebook has this algorithm. I’m not entirely sure what that means. I assume it has something to do with programming and math and what not.

I don’t really care what it means. You likely don’t care either.

Here’s what you need to know… it impacts how many people see your status updates that you’re posting on your Facebook page for your Voice Over Business.

Only About 30%

Over the last few weeks I’ve watched the numbers on my Facebook page. My page is relatively new, and at this point, relatively small. However, the averages state that only around 30% of the people who have Liked my page actually see my updates in their News Feed. That’s frustrating!

If you’re frustrated with the algorithm, you’re not alone. Mark Cuban (yes, the Dallas Mavericks / Shark Tank one) has been pretty vocal about his frustrations as well.

Getting Your Voice Over Business Facebook Page SeenHow To Get Your Content Seen

Facebook has rolled out a couple of new features that might help. As users become more educated about them, hopefully it will help get your content seen. In the meantime, all we can do is help with the education process.

OPTION 1: The first is a new “Pages Feed.” Take a look at the left hand menu the next time you’re on Facebook. You should see it. By clicking that link a feed appears that only contains content from the pages you like.

Let your users know about this new feature and encourage them to use it.

OPTION 2: Page notifications now exist. If a user opts to receive notifications from your page it means each time you post something new they’ll receive a notification. Just like they do when someone comments on their status, as an example.

This process is a little more involved.

To get page notifications you have to hover over the “Like” button on a page. When you do this a menu will appear. This menu gives users the option to get notifications and to show content in their news feed.

By doing this, it means (in theory) you’ll never miss page content again. This is what you want to encourage your voice over business page users to do.

Get Your Facebook Page For Your Voice Over Business Seen

100% Won’t Be Free

If you want 100% of your users to see 100% of your content it’s going to cost you. Facebook is a billion dollar company now. They didn’t get that way, and won’t stay that way, by giving away the farm. That means that paying to get your page seen by everyone all the time is the next step.

For those of you not willing to take that route (and you’re not alone), using the two suggestions above are your next best options. I hope they work for you.

QUESTION: Do you have a Facebook Page for your voice over business? What do you do to get it seen?