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Do You Say Thank You?

Thank YouPlease and thank you.

I had these two things grilled into my brain, and sometimes, with the use of tools from the kitchen (wooden spoon) or bathroom (hair brush) into my backside. If there is one thing my parents instilled in me, it was good manners.

When I send an audition to a client I thank them for the opportunity to tryout.

When the client tells me they listened to my audition I thank them for taking the time to consider it.

When the client tells me they’re booking me for the job I thank them.

When I deliver the finished audio I thank them again.

When the job is over, a day or two later I send a follow up email to the client to confirm that they received exactly what the needed and I again, for a final time, thank them for the opportunity to work on their project.

I thought this was just a basic practice, but apparently it’s not. That’s sad. It’s a sad social and cultural statement. It’s a sad insight into the business practices of some. It’s a sad reflection on the voice-over industry as a whole.

Maybe I overdo it. Maybe I don’t. At least I do it.

People are busy. Competition is tough. Deadlines are looming. If a client can take time out to listen to my audition, to talk with me about their project or to give me the opportunity to do the job over all the other talents that applied, I’m thankful.

I want them to know it.

Here’s something I’ve noticed. It works. The vast majority of my work is repeat clients and referrals. If you treat your clients well it will not go unnoticed. If they know you’ll respect them, be a pleasure to work with, and will get the job done without hassling them, trust me… they’re coming back for more!

Have you thanked a client today?