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A Tip For Sending Voice Over Demos

This week I’ve been doing a Five Day Challenge and a number of voice actors opted to participate with me.

The point of the challenge was simple. Each day, for five days, send out at least one demo to one potential client. It’s a completely attainable challenge, and one that could result in new work. Why not participate?

From this challenge I had a really great question from one of the participating talent. “Do I attach my demo to an email or do I just direct them to my web site?”

Linking To Your Site

email-attachment-240I have many demos on my web site. I also have all my contact info, my basic rate card, and obviously, my blog. There’s no shortage of valuable info on my site for potential clients to sift through.

Certainly I’d like them to do that!

Here’s the problem with only including a link… you’re assuming and expecting they’ll click that link. You’re counting on them to take the time to visit your site. Then you’re counting on them to spend enough time on it to actually locate and listen to your demos.

Here’s the problem with only including a link… you’re assuming and expecting they’ll click that link.

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s a chance I’d rather not take.

Attaching Your Demo

play-buttonFor me, I want to make things as simple as possible. The fewer the number of steps, the more likely they are to participate. For that reason alone, when I’m reaching out to a potential new client I attach my demo to the email.

In that same email I include a link to my web site. If they want to take the time to visit, everything is there they want to see. But if they don’t have time, at least the demo is now right in front of them.

Make It Easy

If you’re making contact of the first time, my advice is to make it as easy as possible. Take out the guesswork. Eliminate steps. Give them everything they need;  your demo, your phone number, your email address, etc, in one nicely compiled package.

I believe that is going to maximize your chances of getting the results you hope to see… bookings!

QUESTION: How do you market to potential new clients?