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You’ve Got To Be A Full-Time Marketer First

Booking jobs is fun. Being in the studio is fun. Cashing cheques is fun.

Marketing, however, not as much fun.

Therein lies the problem. Before you can book the jobs, get in the studio and cash the cheques, you’ve got to do the marketing! It’s kind of like the voice over chicken and egg scenario.

Write this down: “If you want to be a full-time voice actor, first you’ve got to be a full-time marketer!”

Did that make you sad? If so, I do apologize, but the reality is, that’s the truth!

It Takes Commitment To Build Your Business

My first two years as a full-time voice actor, I was actually a full-time marketer hoping to be a full-time voice actor. You’ve got to put in the time, effort and energy to find the clients and build a solid foundation for your business.

When I first went full-time in 2012, I was probably doing about 90% marketing and 10% recording. Over time, as I found the leads, developed the prospects and converted them to clients, the percentages began to shift. 80/20. Then 70/30. Eventually, 60/40. Now, it’s probably more like 30% marketing and 70% recording.

It took me a few years to get to that point. Maybe that’s not what you want to hear, but that’s the reality. If you want to build a thriving voice over business, you’ve got to commit, get down and dirty and do the marketing.

That doesn’t mean signing up for more casting sites, by the way.

Focus On Building Your Own Client Base

Just look at what’s happened with I know VO’s who were making a great living off that site. Then Voices changed the rules. As commissions began to soar to 30, 40 and even as high as 80%, successful talent found themselves struggling to earn a living.

When you put all your eggs in someone else’s basket, you’re leaving yourself totally vulnerable. Imagine losing 40, 50 or 80% of your income, all because someone else changed the rules on you?!

That’s why you’ve got to do your own marketing to grow your own business!

When the clients are yours, you’re not at risk of someone else changing the game and crushing your business.

While it’s true that there are basic marketing theories necessary to be successful, all-in-all, marketing isn’t nearly as scary or intimidating as what you may have built it up to be in your head.

If you want to be a full-time voice actor, first you need to be a full-time marketer.
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You Offer Something Of Value

Remember this; you’re providing a valuable service. Through voice over, you’re offering a solution to someone else’s problem. They need a voice to tell their story, and that’s exactly what you do!

Don’t think of yourself as a nuisance. As pestering people all day long as you reach out. If you’re approaching marketing with that kind of negative mindset, it’s never going to work. It’s also going to guarantee you’ll never want to do it!

You’re a solution provider. A professional. A talent!

Your gifts and skills are going to enhance someone else’s project.

For today, I want you to walk away with this truth. Marketing is actually a good thing. The world needs what you have to offer.