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Your Voice; Their Voice Over

One day you wake up and decide you want to paint your house.

More than just a safe and easy, neutral colour palette throughout, you want to have an accent wall in each room.

A BIG BOLD accent wall in each room.

Bright colours. Yellow. Purple. Blue. Red. Green. Orange.

You sift through a bunch of swatches, figure out exactly the colours you’re going with, and hire a painter.

You take the family out for a day to stay out of the way of the painting crew. You can’t wait to return home and see how things turned out.

Walking through the front door you’re greeted by the painting contractor… and neutral, safe, beige walls.

“What’s this,” you demand of the contractor?

“Well, I know what you told me you wanted, but I just don’t think that’s what best, so I went with my instincts. After all, I’m the professional.”

Your Voice; Their Voice Over

As a professional voice actor you know your voice. You know how to interpret and deliver a script.

Sometimes, you’re going to think you know better than your client.

You’re the professional after all.

Just remember this… yes… it’s your voice. But it’s THEIR voice over.

When a client asks for a certain delivery, requests a certain kind of revision, or expects a particular tone, your job as the voice actor (contractor) is to deliver the service they’re requesting.

You’re job is not to argue, gripe, complain or hassle them.

Your voice; THEIR voice over.