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Why You Should Never Say, “I’ll Try.”

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

We’ve all heard it before. Whether we’ve actually seen the Star Wars scene with Yoda and Luke or not. It’s one of he most quoted lines when it comes to success and entrepreneurship. In fact, for any kind of coaching in general.

It’s one of those nice sounding lines that inspires us for a moment.

Until we forget about it.

Until we find ourselves in a difficult situation.

Until we have to do something outside our comfort zone.

Until we’re challenged. Stretched.

Until there’s the risk of pain.

Then we don’t want to do anymore. We’d rather take the safe way out and say we’ll try. Even though we likely never will.


Why You Should Never Say, “I’ll Try.”

Here’s the thing about saying, “I’ll try.”

When you say it, it’s almost as though you’re anticipating defeat. Preparing to fail.

That’s not how you get things done.

That’s not how you build your business.

That’s not how you find new clients. Book new work.

Saying you’ll try is kind of like sitting on the sidelines. Hesitant to decide if you actually want in the game.

Successful people don’t try.

Successful people get things done!

What do you need to DO today?

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