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Why You Should Never Prostitute Yourself For Voice Over Work

This week I started reading, “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” by Walter Isaacson. I was inspired to read it after listening to Isaacson on the Tim Ferris Show. I’m glad I did. Only a few chapters in, I’ve already taken some great notes and learned some valuable lessons.

Like the lesson learned from this passage;

“To determine whether I should publish it or not, I went home in the evening, purchased a twopenny loaf at the baker’s, and with the water from the pump made my supper; I then wrapped myself up in my great-coat, and laid down on the floor and slept till morning, when, on another loaf and a mug of water, I made my breakfast. From this regimen I feel no inconvenience whatever. Finding I can live in this manner, I have formed a determination never to prostitute my press to the purposes of corruption and abuse of this kind for the sake of gaining a more comfortable subsistence.”

There will be days when the voice over jobs seems few and far between. There will be days when you’re asked, or tempted, to compete on price.

In a world with Fiverr, believe me, there will be days.

So take a little inspiration from Franklin, and don’t do it. Never prostitute yourself… “for the sake of gaining a more comfortable subsistence.”

If you stay true to yourself and your rates, believe me, opportunities will come. Far better and more lucrative ones than if you give in to the temptation or requests to compete on price alone.

Let the quality of your work and the resolve of your self-worth decide how much you earn for your voice over jobs!