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Why You May Need To Register Another Domain (Or Two)

Since birth, my name has been spelled wrong.

  • In cards
  • Invitations
  • Bills
  • Pay cheques
  • Social media
  • Certificates

Basically everywhere ones name is written, mine has been spelled wrong.

It’s the curse of being Marc with a C, instead of Mark with a K.

People read my posts on Facebook, where my name is displayed right at the top of the post, and reply by typing, “Mark…”

People reply to my tweets using @MarcScott, which has my name spelled right in the tweet, and they still type, “Mark…”

Why You May Need To Register Another Domain (Or Two)

dot-com-keyboardKnowing this; that my name is basically never spelled right, ever… I decided I’d better protect myself. If people can’t get my name correct, odds are they won’t always get my domain correct. Who knows how many times I’ve told someone to look me up at and they’ve typed instead?

That’s why I own the domain and have it redirect to

Covering my bases.

Do you have one of “those” names? You know, the kind that never gets spelled correctly?

Terry or Terri?

John or Jon?

Amy or Amie?

Steven or Stephen?

Laurie or Lori?

If you’ve got one of those names, you know exactly what I’m talking about because you’ve experienced the frustration your entire life. That’s why, you too, may need to register another domain or two.

Don’t assume people will spell it correctly. Instead, spend the few bucks, get register the alternative .coms and make sure everyone who is looking for you is able to find you.

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