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What Is Marketing?

“What exactly is marketing?”

I’m glad you asked!

The answer; everything! That’s right… everything is marketing!

I’ve found clients via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Searches, Email and more. Leads are everywhere and every good lead becomes a potential client if you play your cards right.

The flip side of that coin… clients have also found me via all of those different channels.

And that’s why everything is marketing.

Everything Is Marketing

As you put yourself out there on the interwebs, your name and thereby your brand / business, becomes something that can be found. Discovered. Examined. Researched.

Ask yourself; What kind of marketing messages are you putting out into the world? Not the intentional ones. I’m talking about the unintentional ones!

If a client finds your Twitter stream, what will they see? A person / voice actor who seems to be happy, easy to work with, fun, engaging and professional?

Or will they find a miserable grouch with strong, polarizing opinions who consistently shares inappropriate content?

In other words, the kind of person a business would never want to have associated with their brand.

Marketing can find you work or cost you work. It all depends on how you’re portraying yourself and how others perceive you.

As I always say, “Beware what you share!”

How Will You Be Perceived

When clients have found me via social media and ultimately reached out to me with voice over opportunities, they’ve already done their research. They know a lot about the kind of person I am, and the kind of business I run. They know they can trust me to be a voice associated with their brand.

Are the things your sharing offering the same reassuring messages?

If a client searches your social media, what kind of person will they find?
Tweet Quote

Using social media to build your brand isn’t just about posting links to your websites, demos and projects you’ve worked on. It’s not about telling the world over and over that you’re a voice actor looking for work. It’s not all about posting pictures of your studio or talking about the latest gig and/or client you booked.

As a voice actor, you are the brand!

Beyond how you promote your business, how you live (and share) your life and personality online also becomes a very strong marketing message.