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What Audio Editing Software Do You Use?

Pro Tools 10When I first started doing voice-over work many moons ago, I used Cool Edit. Those of you that have been around long enough will recognize that name. Others will most likely only know it as Adobe Audition.

When I made the switch to Mac there were fewer options available to me, and I ended up going with Pro Tools. I am not in a band. I am not a sound engineer. I have never, and likely will never produce a 256 track voice-over. Pro Tools worked, it was what was available, but it was far more than anything I needed.

I need to record single track audio.

Sometimes a few more if I’m producing a spot.

I’m now running an older version of Pro Tools. Version 8. It’s up to version 10 now, and I know I’m due for an upgrade.

Now that I’m likely going to spending some money anyway, I’m looking at my options. Do I stick with Pro Tools and upgrade to version 10? Do I make the switch to Logic and stay all Apple? Or do I go back to what I started with and loved and get the Mac version of Adobe Audition?

What do you guys use? What do you recommend? I’d love a little feedback and insight.