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What Are You Making Time For?

“But Marc, I’m too busy to market.”

“But Marc, I don’t have enough time for marketing.”

“But Marc, I have a full-time day job.”

“But Marc, I have a wife and two kids and a dog and a cat and a gold fish and an alpaca.”

I’ve heard them all and then some. People are forever blaming their lack of success on their lack of time. They may not always say it that way exactly. They may not even see if that way. It all comes down to that, though, in the end. People blame a lack of time.

How Are You Spending Your Time?


You binge watch your favorite show(s) on Netflix… and Prime… and Hulu.

You’ve got 20 minutes to play Candy Crush while you’re on the toilet.

You always seem to fit in your afternoon nap.

You spend 20 minutes standing in the shower yawning every morning.

You’ve read all the Harry Potter books… twice.

You spent two weeks beating the last game you bought for your Xbox.

You don’t even realize that all those five minute Facebook visits add up to two hours a day.

You watch Monday Night Football… Thursday Night Football… Sunday all day Football.

You have enough time to complain to your coach that you don’t have enough time.

How Successful People Spend Time

Without even realizing it, you’re literally wasting hours every day on things that might be nice or fun or entertaining; maybe even things that you think are important. But all those things aren’t going to get you one step closer to your goals.

Successful people are people who invest time.

Successful people are people who respect time.

Successful people are people who protect time.

If Jeff Bezos can build a trillion dollar company with the same 24 hours a day you’ve got… trust me… you can find the time to do the marketing you need to be doing to book the voice over work you want to be booking.

What are you waiting for?