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We All Have What It Takes

I haven’t accomplished what I have in my life and business because I possess a special gifting or exceptional skill. I’ve neither the quintessential voice over voice or the talent to change it a hundred different ways.

My studio isn’t the fanciest. My equipment isn’t the best that money can buy.

I have one agent. Not twelve. Instead of New York, LA or Chicago, I reside in a small town in Southern Ontario most people couldn’t find on a map.

So many of the factors people assume are necessary for success, or use as excuses for why they’ve not yet broke through, really don’t have as much weight as you might think. Or want to believe.

What I do have is a great attitude. A commitment to put in the time. A drive to constantly improve. A resolve to satisfy every client. An ethic to deliver to the best of my ability.

Those are things we all possess.

All that’s required is a choice to employ them.

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