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Voicing Prices

No. This is not a blog about voice over rates. This is a blog about voicing prices. As in, retail prices.

It seems like it should be simple enough, right? But that’s not always the case. In fact, it can get downright complicated. Especially when you start working with international clients!

I work with a number of overseas clients, and it seems like the way prices are spoken changes from one country to the next.

Voicing Prices

Let’s say the price is $8,999. How would you say it?

  • pricesEighty nine, ninety nine?
  • Eight thousand, nine hundred, ninety nine?
  • Eight thousand, nine, ninety nine.
  • Eight, nine, nine, nine dollars?
  • Eight, nine, ninety, nine dollars?
  • Eighty nine, nine, nine dollars?

In North America, we’d most likely say one of the first three.

Overseas, depending on the region, it could be any of the six.

Seek Clarity; Save Time

When you receive a script with prices in it, particularly if it’s from an overseas client, always confirm the proper delivery for their region. Have them write it out or get on the phone or Skype to discuss it verbally.

Getting that clarity upfront before you record will very likely save you editing time on the back end when you have to do it over.