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Voice Over Rates Roundtable

Mention the word “rates” in a group of voice actors and you’re sure to get a pretty heated debate going. The opinions cover the spectrum, and few things can get people fired up as much as the subject of money. Particularly when it comes to getting paid!

marc scott world-voices professional memberOne of the many things I love about World-Voices is their desire to tackle the very sensitive subject of voice over rates. For WoVO, it’s about education. For both sides of the table. Educating talent on their own worth, and educating clients on fair market value for voice over work.

Recently, a group of industry heavyweights gathered to for a very enlightening, intelligent, and productive conversation on the subject of voice over rates. I’d strongly encourage you to find some time to sit down and watch it.

World-Voices Rates Roundtable

Special thank to Dave Courvoisier, Anne Ganguzza, Paul Strikwerda, Jeffrey Umberger, Cristina Milizia, John Coleman, Matt Cowlrick, Mary Lynn Wissner and, of course, World-Voices, for putting this roundtable together.

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