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Voice Over Jobs You Want To Avoid

This is a very simple lesson. Very simple. But it’s one that I learned the hard way. It’s one I suspect many voice talents have learned the hard way.

It goes like this…

The clients that pay the least are the ones that will expect and/or demand the most.

There are literally dozens, upon dozens of reasons why you should have a set rate card and why that set rate card should be available for potential clients to see. Not the least of which is, your set rate card will help you avoid the clients I just mentioned.

  • When a client tries to lowball you… send them to your rate card.
  • When a client tries to negotiate you way down… send them to your rate card.
  • When a clients demands high and budgets low… send them to your rate card.

One More Thing

You will avoid a lot of stress in your life if you live by this simple lesson and avoid low paying jobs and clients. I should mention, there’s one other thing you need to know about these clients… they’re also typically the hardest to collect payment from!

Clients who are serious about getting a professional voice over know that it’s going to cost them more than a Fiverr!

QUESTION: Do you make your rates public to avoid these hassles?