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Using Hashtags To Generate Voice Over Leads

#Some #people #like #to #hashtag #every #word #on #Twitter.

Don’t be that guy. (or girl)

It’s ok to use fun and obnoxious hashtags from time to time. I did it last night.


But professionally speaking, proper use of hashtags on Twitter can generate a lot of potential leads for your #voiceover business.

Using Hashtags To Generate Voice Over Leads

What’s your niche? Commercials? eLearning? Audiobooks?

When you post a tweet specifically about your voice over services, hashtag it accordingly. You might be surprised what happens.

For example…


I tweet something like that a few times a week at different times of the day. The link directs to a special landing page I’ve created for my explainer video voice over work. Tweeting that link with that hashtag has generated leads for me. Leads that have turned into booked gigs.

Many people monitor hashtags that are relevant to their product, service or brand. When a tweet is posted using that hashtag, they’ll see it.

Find The Hashtag For Your Niche

TweetHashtagAll you’ve got to do is spend a little time searching Twitter to find hashtags that are relevant to your niche. If you do voice over work for eLearning, as an example, find the popular hashtags used for that niche, like #eLearning.

Not only can you use those hashtags in tweets, but you can monitor the hashtag yourself and maybe find some new prospects to reach out to.

Social media can and will work for you. It takes a little time, a little effort and a little strategy. But speaking from experience… it’s well worth it!