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To QR Or Not To QR

A couple weeks ago I started redesigning my business cards and postcards. I made a new logo for myself a few months ago, but just never got around to updating some of my promotional material. Truth is, I was having a hard time accepting that I’d have to toss the stock I still had left.

In the end, the desire for brand consistency won out. I redesigned everything.

To QR Or Not To QR

One of the questions I struggled with for quite some time was whether or not to use a QR code on my business card and/or postcard. (I have postcards that I used to write Thank You notes).

QR codes seem to be a gimmick that didn’t really catch on, or maybe it just hasn’t caught on yet? I’m not sure. I see them on restaurant menus sometimes. I’ve seen them in my local paper. I’ve scanned a few. I can see good points and bad points.

After a lot of thought and consideration, I opted not to include them in my designs. I hoped I made the right decision. So when I saw this graphic on Twitter, it made me feel a lot better about my decision.


QUESTION: Do you use QR codes? Have the worked for you?