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This Is Half The Key To Success In Voice Over

Have you ever called a customer support line and spent an hour on hold?

Have you ever shown up for a doctors appointment (on time) and spent 90 minutes in the waiting room?

Has your car ever broke down and you’ve had to wait two days for parts and repairs?

Have you ever ordered something online and spent two weeks impatiently waiting for delivery?

Have you ever got caught in the drive-thru during morning rush desperately waiting for coffee?

Have you ever sat alone in a restaurant waiting for a date?

Have you ever watched minutes on the clock tick away because someone was late for a meeting?

This Is Half The Key To Success In Voice Over

What do all of these things have in common?

They all involve waiting and, odds are, they all frustrate us to no end.

We don’t like to wait.

We want things now. Five minutes ago. Yesterday.

A new voice talent recently asked me what I thought was one of the major keys to success in this business.

My answer was simple… be available.

Remember how you don’t like to wait?

Clients don’t either.

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