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The Season Of Success

seeded fieldI spent a lot of time on my grandparents farm when I was a kid. I helped milk the cows, throw hay bales, do general chores. Mostly, I spent my days begging grandpa to let me drive the tractor.

I also spent a lot of time pretending to drive the combine… which I pretended was a fire truck. That’s another story for another day.

Here’s something you learn about life when you work on a farm. In the spring you plant. In the fall you harvest. These are two unavoidable and unchangeable truths.

You Can’t Rush The Crop

If you take the spring off, relax all summer long, and then try to plant and harvest in the fall, guess what? You’ll have no crop!

You can’t change the seasons.

You can’t rush the crop.

Seeds must be planted, given time to take root, provided water and sun to grow, and allowed time to reach their full potential. Only then can you have a bountiful harvest.

The Season Of Success

Wheat_Fields_Wallpapers_laba.wsThis lesson that I learned when I was a kid still has relevance in my life today as a voice talent. You see, just as there are seasons for crops on the farm, there are seasons for success in voice over.

You need to allow your talent time to develop. To be nourished through practice and coaching and mentorship. You have to have patience as your skill grows to reach it’s full potential.

You can’t rush success in voice over anymore than you can rush crops on a farm. You can’t cram it into a month or a week or overnight!

If you haven’t achieved the level you desire in your career yet, maybe it’s because your harvest season hasn’t quite arrived yet. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep sowing seeds and helping them grow.

Soon enough, your time will come!

QUESTION: Have you tried to rush success in voice over? Did it work?