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The Optimal Length Of A Marketing Email Is…

Six second Vine videos.

140 character tweets.

I need an online dictionary to decipher texting short forms. OMG IDK!

Social media has destroyed attention spans.

What does this mean for email marketing? It means now, more than ever, your message needs to be clear and concise. If you want any hope of grabbing a few seconds of someone’s attention and getting a response, your introductory email better be short and to the point.

The Optimal Length Of A Marketing Email

Boomerang is an email service which lets you schedule emails into the future. It also lets you see who’s read them. They recently did some research into their own customers. The goal… to figure out what gets recipients to read emails.

Their findings are eye opening!

If you want your emails to get read, Boomerang says they better be between 50 and 125 words.

You read that correctly… between 50 and 125 words!!!

The research results showed emails within this length received a response rate above 50 percent. Anything beyond that, and the response rates steadily decline.

Marketing Emails That Convert

My introductory email template is 61 words. It’s the email template I’ve crafted after several years, sending literally thousands of marketing emails until I found one that got the results I wanted.

The emails included in my 7 Marketing Emails that Convert download are all under 90 words.

These are the emails that produce results. They’re the emails I’ve built my business on.

How long is your average introductory email? It might be time to review and maybe edit!

Need Help With Your Emails?

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