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The One Thing You Can Control

When it comes right down to it, there are a lot of things in the voice over business that are pretty much beyond our control. Try as we might to, any time you do anything that involves working with other people and multiple variables, we just can’t always know or predict how things will turn out.

  • Will the client like your audition?
  • Will the client accept your quote?
  • Will your invoice get paid?
  • Will it get paid on time?
  • Will someone poach a client or a job?
  • Will all your marketing pay off?
  • Will all your networking pay off?

Really, there are hundreds of questions you could ask. And the fact of the matter is, there are no guarantees. You work hard, and you hope your efforts are rewarded. More often than not, they will be. But sometimes things are just out of our hands. There will be variables and circumstances we simply can’t control.

One Thing You Can Control

integrity-quoteIn the midst of all the unknowns, however, there is one variable that you absolutely can control. In my opinion, it’s the most important thing. If you control this variable consistently and well, I truly believe you’ll always come out ahead in the end.

Only you control your integrity!

In every situation, in every circumstance, and with every client, only you can chose how you will act, respond, conduct yourself and conduct your business. Nobody, no matter what, can ever take that away from you.

Integrity is perhaps the most important building block of any successful person, career and business. Don’t sacrifice yours for anything and I assure you, in the end you’ll be alright!

QUESTION: What are the building blocks in your business?