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The Next Travel Accessory For Your Road Gear

I do a fair bit of traveling, which means I’m often taking my gear on the road. I’ve developed some pretty sick skills for building pillow forts and porta-booths in hotel rooms and even in the back seats of rental cars.

So when it comes to packing my gear to go, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make it more portable, more convenient and more compact.

A couple weeks ago I came across a blog about travel gear and was reading about an electronics accessory bag from BUBM.

When I’m on the road at the bare minimum I have…

That’s a lot of electronic cables and equipment to have flopping around loose in your carry-on. I wanted a solution.

When I read about the BUBM Universal Travel Gear Organizer, for $20, I figured I had nothing to lose; so I ordered one.

For what I wanted, and what I needed, it’s end up being one of my best travel gear purchases so far. All my essentials fit in it neat and tidy, and the case zips up and folds surprisingly flat to take up very little space in my bag. In addition, it’s super easy to remove and toss in a bin for TSA scanners at the airport.

If you’re packing gear to hit the road for a night, a weekend or a couple weeks, I’d highly recommend picking up one of these to keep your cables organized and save you some space in your bag.

Order one on Amazon by clicking here.

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