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The Measuring Stick for Voice Over Success

How do you know when you’ve arrived?

How do you know when you cross the threshold from amateur or wannabe to professional?

How do you know when you’ll be viewed as legitimate by your peers (since so many seem to judge these days)?

What’s the measuring stick for success in voice over?

One of the reasons I’m not particularly active in many of the voice over online forums these days is because over the last couple years I’ve noticed a downward trend in negativity.

“Pros” complaining about “Rookies.”

People throwing fits about rates.

Plenty of judgement. Stone casting. General bitching.

Not all of it, mind you. There just seems to be more lately than I ever recalled seeing in the past.

It doesn’t interest me. It doesn’t make me a better voice actor. A better VOpreneur. A better person. Mostly, it just brings me down. The struggle of the self-employed voice actor is challenging enough in today’s market without having outside sources contributing the negative noise.

The Marks of Success

Any time someone’s legitimacy is called into question (and this has happened to me personally more than once), the first thing that’s demanded is a resume.

How many…

  • National commercials have you voiced?
  • How many major brand logos are on your website?
  • How many Fortune 500’s have hired you?
  • What are your credits in IMBD?

The list goes on and on.

It seems, that in today’s community, there is a clear measuring stick as to whether or not you’ve succeeded in the eyes of certain “professionals.” If you fall short, prepare to be skewered.

I fall short, and await my skewering.

Don’t let others dictate how you define success in your #voiceover business. Just run your race. Don’t worry about the rest.
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The Measuring Stick for Voice Over Success

Guess how many national commercials I’ve voiced in my career? If you guessed higher than zero… you’re wrong!

I suppose that means I’m not legit in the eyes of some?

Now ask me if I care? I do not!

My measuring stick for success has nothing to do with fame, glory, credits or recognition.

Let me share my measuring stick with you.

  • Do I provide a safe home for my family?
  • Are my bills paid in full and on time each month?
  • Do my kids have what they need… and maybe a few things they don’t?
  • Is there money going into the bank each month for the day I choose to retire?
  • Are we a happy and blessed family?
  • Am I fulfilled in my work?

As long as voice over checks off that list, I’m the happiest, most successful man on earth.

Forget what the others may say.

Your success and legitimacy aren’t determined by superficial nonsense as your credits and other such things.

You run your race. Take care of you and your family.

Leave the others debate amongst themselves.