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The Ingredient To Success

The Ingredient To SuccessI’m on the couch right now watching Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine. It’s a really great show. Basically, just a different kind of take on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Chef Irvine comes into a struggling restaurant and identifies and fixes the problems. Tired and dated decor. Menus that are far too large for efficiency. Food that isn’t cooked with care or love. Staff that have become disheartened or complacent.

As I watched the show I realized that, despite all the surface problems, the ones I’ve just mentioned, everything comes back to one key ingredient.

The Ingredient To Success


That’s it. Everything in these failing restaurants all comes back to attitude. When the attitude of the leadership is negative, the attitude of the staff becomes negative. When the attitude of the staff becomes negative the product they create becomes poor.

Bad service. Bad food. Bad decor. Bad staff. Every last one of these things ties back to attitude.

Cooking For Success

What does Robert Irvine do for these struggling restaurants? Beyond the surface repairs, more than anything, he restores hope in the owners. He takes people who have given up. People who wear their defeat on their face. People who have lost their way. Where there is failure, he restores faith and confidence.

This restoration changes attitude. This change in attitude manifests itself in success.

Attitude Check

If you want to be successful in voice over, as with any business, your attitude will dictate your results. If you’ve given up, if you’re feeling defeated, if you’re frustrated with your career or your business, those negative thoughts will manifest themselves in a continued path of defeat.

Change your attitude, change your results.

They ingredient to success is attitude. Make sure you’ve got a positive one!