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Tell Me Your Best Audition Instructions Stories

Confused Man Scratching His HeadToday I received a couple of really good sets of audition instructions.

The kind that left me scratching my head, wondering how on earth I’m going to pull that off. Actually, how on earth could anyone pull that off?!

I shared a couple of them on Twitter and got some great responses from some of you that follow me there. You found them as amusing as I did and shared some great stories of your own.

Here are a few of the ones I’ve received recently…

* Looking for an adult voice that resembles James Earl Jones, David Attenborough and Meryl Streep.

* I want a voice that’s upbeat, energetic and over the top. But do NOT sound like an announcer.

* Voice type requested: Young Adult Male | Sounds Like: Sam Elliot

In the end, I did not audition for any of the projects. I knew I’d never come close. Though, I think I might work on my best Meryl Streep voice in my free time.

So what are some of the classic audition instructions you’ve received over the years? Share them in the comments section.