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Talking Voice Over Rates With The GVAA Part 2

Monday I released the first part of my two-part interview with the GVAA regarding their brilliant voice over rates guide. If you missed it, you can read it here – Talking Voice Over Rates With The GVAA Part 1.

Now, for the rest of it. Here’s part two.

Talking Voice Over Rates With The GVAA Part 2

Marc: Comparatively speaking, the GVAA rates are higher (and more fair) than most of those offered on casting site (which many talent use as a guide when quoting projects). Do you have any tips for talent negotiating fair rates and helping clients understand the value?

GVAA: Know your value and show the client that. What sets you apart from other talent? Do you offer editing and mastering for finished products? Offer quick turnaround on projects? Determine what will provide the most value to your clients and make them aware of it!

As voice talent, we are also problem solvers. Present your services as a fix to your clients problem. On most projects, the VO is just one small piece of the puzzle. Making that piece as easy as possible for the client will provide value and repeat business.

We also recommend showing clients our rate guide as an industry resource for fair rates. What clients feel is a “good rate” can be arbitrary especially when dealing with clients via P2P/online casting sites. Some clients lack the education and all they know are casting sites rate cards, which as you’ve mentioned are on the lower side which obviously helps those casting sites gain business and additional clients.

We’ve had feedback from talent that have shown clients the rate guide and helped educate the client as to what fair rates are within the industry and the client response was great. Sometimes we need to help our by educating them. This is a rapidly changing industry especially with the explosive growth of internet/streaming content and we can’t expect clients to keep VO talent fair rates at their forefront.

Marc: Will this guide be a “living, breathing” guide? If so, how often do you expect to refresh it?

GVAA: The rate guide is a living guide and is updated often. There is no schedule for updates as we update it once we receive new rate information. Of course, we verify the information given to make sure it’s proper.

We are always seeking new rate information and the rate guide will have gaps in it as we are continually seeking additional information. If anyone has rate information they’d like to contribute, we welcome it! Information can be sent to me –

Marc: Any other thoughts on the guide you’d like to share… feel free.

GVAA: I like to use an analogy when talking about rates: When you call an Electrician to get a quote, you don’t set the rate, the Electrician does. The Electrician has a specific skill set that you don’t have so why should you tell them what their services are worth? With the increase in the barter/gig economy, the purchasing power has been put in the hands of the consumer/client. This shouldn’t be the case for professional services.

VO talent have dedicated years to work on their craft, countless hours and money in education, learning, practice, studios, equipment, websites, etc. Professional VO talent didn’t just jump out of bed one day and start booking work. This expertise and experience comes at a cost and this is where the need fair rates come from.

If clients want a cheap vo, there’s places to find that. We encourage VO talent not to be one of them and to command fair professional rates. It only helps themselves and our industry as a whole and it’s the only way to raise the value of what we do.

Thanks To GVAA

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Cristina Miliza, David Toback and the rest of the GVAA team for taking the time to answer my questions, and more importantly, for putting together a comprehensive voice over rate guide that will be a go-to resource for us all!

Once again, if you’d like to check out the guide for yourself visit

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