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Have You Considered Responsive Web Design? iPad Horizontal Display
iPad Vertical Display

I had never heard of responsive web design until blogged about it in March. (First Look! Responsive Web Design Coming to

After reading that blog, and having already decided that one of my goals for 2013 was to redesign my voice over site, I was really intrigued. Continue reading Have You Considered Responsive Web Design?

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Today’s Top Posts – June 14

Kermit The Frog Playing The BanjoHere are my favourite finds online today along with credit to those who shared them.

The Four Keys To Winning Clients Over
Shared by Paul Strikwerda @nethervoice

The math is simple really. If you don’t have any clients you don’t have any work. It’s hard to be a voice talent if you don’t have any work. Always strive to keep your clients happy. This post has some great advice on how to do that. Continue reading Today’s Top Posts – June 14

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Training Video Demo

One thing I do a lot of is training videos. I’ve had long term clients such as Action Training Systems and EPK Training that I’ve done numerous videos with. In recent months I’ve voiced training videos for everything from televisions to air conditioners and iPhone apps to WordPress themes. Continue reading Training Video Demo