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Voiceover Rates

Voiceover Rates - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentWhen I developed my web site for my voiceover business a hundred years ago I did a lot of research first. I Googled “Male Voice Talent”, “Voiceover”, “Professional Voiceover” and about a dozen other search strings. Then I started surfing. I spent time going through every single site that came up in the first couple pages of results. Continue reading Voiceover Rates

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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Daws Butler

I’ve decided to continue with the series I started last week about the voices behind Saturday morning cartoons. We can all remember those mornings spent in front of the television laughing and dreaming and cheering on our favourite characters. Continue reading Saturday Morning Cartoons – Daws Butler

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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Don Messick

One of my favourite things as a Voice Talent is to get to rediscover some of the voices from my childhood. Some of the voices that made me want to get into voiceover in the first place.

I don’t have a thousand character voices inside of me, or at least if I do I haven’t discovered them yet. But some of the most amazing voice talents you may have never heard of did. Continue reading Saturday Morning Cartoons – Don Messick

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After Hours Voice Over

We no longer live in a 9a – 5p world. That’s not to say there are no 9am – 5pm jobs, but in a world of 24 hour stores and digital offices that span all the time zones across the globe, 9am – 5pm is becoming a thing of the past.

I’m not a 9am – 5pm kind of guy. I work when there’s work to be done. I don’t mind working in the evening or late at night. That’s actually when I tend to be the most productive. It’s not uncommon for me to be texting or emailing back and forth with clients at 1am while we sort out the details of their latest project.

Working After Hours?

When you’re working after hours on a project and need an after hours voice over, what do you do? Who do you turn to when there’s no time for casting calls and an audition process?

When other voice talents aren’t available, chances are… I am!

If you need an emergency voice over at 7pm, I might be able to help you. If you’re tweaking a script and need a pickup done on the weekend, I might be able to help you. If you’re in a distant timezone and it’s 6am there but 6pm here, I might be able to help you when nobody else is in a studio.

Have you got a last minute voice over that you need done? I’m just an email away and I’ll do it if I can.

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Voiceover Turnaround

When I call a customer support line there is usually only one thing I want to hear. A human. I don’t want to hear a robot or a computer voice or some form of piano music that sounds as though it’s being piped into the system from the 70’s. I just want to talk to a human and I want them to help me. Continue reading Voiceover Turnaround