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Computers Can’t Replace Everything

When I first started in radio the station I worked for had a live announcer in the building 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It had to be that way. Somebody needed to push the buttons! The station used CD’s for music, commercials were all on cart and phone calls were recorded and run on reel-to-reel.

Then computers came along. Continue reading Computers Can’t Replace Everything

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Real Estate Virtual Tours

Real Estate can be a very competitive business. The challenge to get listings and make the sale is greater than it’s ever been. The Internet brings an entirely new dynamic to listing and selling houses with social media. Taking advantage of these sites can open up your listings to entirely new groups of people that can make your listings viral.

It takes more than a detail sheet to sell a house in the virtual market. A savvy Realtor will take advantage of every tool available to them. Photos and videos can hook clients before they even walk through the door. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be used to share this virtual experience. Once your listing hits the social web, it’s impression potential can grow exponentially. Continue reading Real Estate Virtual Tours