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The Guardian – Best Commercial Of 2012 So Far?

The Guardian - Three Little PigsI watch commercials sometimes. I know. That makes me weird. In fact, sometimes I pay more attention to commercials than I do to the actual show that I’ve tuned into. I do this because I’m a Voice Talent. I like to listen to the voiceover work other talents are doing. How they sound. How they read. How the interpret a script. It’s research. It’s personal development. Continue reading The Guardian – Best Commercial Of 2012 So Far?

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January Roundup

January started off a little slow, but ended up being a very productive month.  I did 3 new training videos for Action Training Systems.  These videos are part of a series for Industrial Firefighting.  It’s a great fit since I am a Volunteer Firefighter on the side!  Learn more about Action Training at

In addition to that I’ve kept busy with a number of projects for Girls Night Out and Couples Night Out.  This included multiple radio and TV spots as well as host reels that play during the actual events.  You can find them online at and

I’ve also started working on a new series of product videos for Nikon.  More specifically for their Coolpix camera line.  These are videos that are used to promote new cameras.  I’ve done several of these videos in the past and they are featured at

Now that January is behind me, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that February is just as busy.  If you’re looking for a voice for your next project let me know!  Click here to contact me.