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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Scott Innes

Scott Innes - Scooby Doo - Male Voice TalentUp to this point in my Saturday Morning Cartoon series I’ve focussed on some of the original and legendary voice actors that have brought cartoon characters to life for decades. I think it’s fun to see their faces. I also think it’s amazing how just a few talents were responsible for so many of the characters that shaped our childhoods. Continue reading Saturday Morning Cartoons – Scott Innes

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Movie Trailer Guy

Don LaFontaine - Movie Trailer Guy - Jake Foushee When I was a kid I would record radio shows on a tape deck using songs I recorded off the Tarzan Dan show on 680 CFTR. I’d intro the songs, give news updates and do weather reports. All the stuff I figured a good radio jock should do. I was preparing myself for my future career.

A video hit YouTube yesterday of a kid doing the same thing. Continue reading Movie Trailer Guy